Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Anti-Bullying Defense at Wittler’s Black Belt Academy

Wittler’s Black Belt Academy Has a Passion for Kids.

Mr. Wittler at Wittler’s Black Belt Academy has a soft heart when it comes to our youth. He knows firsthand what it was like to go through schools being teased as well as bullied. He is aiming to help and has put together a nine week session for grades kindergarten through twelve. It is Anti-Bullying Defense through forming a S.T.O.R.M. team. He has decided to keep classes at twenty-five students so they all can receive adequate instruction. They will view videos and have discussions. Each Child gets hands on role playing as well as learning self defense techniques.

What is Anti-Bullying Defense?

This is a defense strictly used against anti-bullying. Your children will learn to recognize bulling, how to report bullying, where to go when nothing works, how to help a friend who is being bullied. They meet two days a week. BA Star is incorporated within our classes. Stop Bullying now are within the younger children’s classes. Everyone will receive a T-Shirt and certificate.


What does it stand for? Special Team Of Role Models. Children learn if they work as a team and look out for each other, they can be successful. They will learn when to use their skills and how to productively use them. Teams will be taught the importance of communication. You will all gain a source of adults to guide you through every step.

Classes start around the third week of February. Classes are limited to 25 students per class. Non-refundable deposit needed for reservation. Stop in (325 Martin St. Old Marsh Plaza) or call (459-5091) for more

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