Friday, March 30, 2012

Guest Post from Bob Rhoades (3/30/2012)

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During Wednesday’s Darke County Commission meeting, Alex Mikos of Tiger Radio asked the members of the Board of County Commissioners if they had a chance to read Ms. Melody Lucas’ article which was published in County News Online as well as Darke Journal.

Mr. Rhoades admitted that he hadn’t due to being out of town.

Mr. Stegall said that he had and felt that it was just Melody's opinion. Here’s the deal, when a person takes the time to document times, places, conversations and who said what and if there were witnesses or if there weren’t, IT’S NOT AN OPINION MIKE! It is documented proof that there is a problem. You weren’t in office when it happened but there is a problem, you are in office now and if you are the kind of leader you want everyone to believe you are, FIX THE PROBLEM.

Ms. Delaplane remarked that she had read it, they dealt with it and they are moving on. Diane, YOU DIDN’T DEAL WITH IT! You are trying to move on with unfinished business. A person owes us money that they squandered! We want our money recovered! You didn’t handle it, there was no state audit, there was no prosecution, and we didn’t get our money back. When you do all of those things, then you will have handled it, then you can move on. Monday morning, get the sheriff’s investigation, read it, send it to the prosecutor. If there is enough evidence, he will present it to the Grand Jury and ask for an indictment. Then you will have dealt with it, and then you can move on.

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