Monday, March 5, 2012

Guest Post from Carla Surber: "Joust About!"

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As much as I don’t believe in verbal jousting, I believe less in letting bad information stand. The levy on the ballot is a renewal with no question. It could not be legally placed on the ballot if it were not a renewal.

I had a nice discussion with Mr. Wombold. I believe we agreed to disagree on the very point that I just mentioned. However, if you calculate his taxes, this levy brought in $12 less today than when the issue was put on the ballot in 2009. If he is over 65, it would be $14 less. When farm taxes went up, many residential properties went down. The District can receive no more than the $1.64 million it presently receives from this levy.

Anyone can check their own taxes. Simply take your bottom appraised value from your tax bill today and three years ago. Multiply it by .30625 (true value times rollback) times .00415 today and times .00390 three years ago. The difference today normally results in lower taxes.

These numbers apply if you live in a single family dwelling:

  • Younger than 65 (2012 value * .30625 * .00415) less (2009 value * .30625 * .00390)
  • 65 or older (2012 value - $ 25000 * .30625 * .00415) less (2009 value -  $ 25000 * .30625 * .00390)

Your vote is your right to express your opinion. Please do so with all of the correct information at hand.

Carla Surber
Treasurer of Greenville City Schools

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