Monday, March 26, 2012

Gus's Garage in Verailles Now Offers Rust Protection Services

Planning on purchasing a new car soon? Most Americans aren’t. In fact, in the current economic situation, more Americans are choosing to hold on to their autos as long as possible. In the past 5 years, according to Polk Research Firm, the age of the average automobile has increased by 12%.

Jon Snyder, owner of Gus’ Garage in Versailles, Ohio, agrees, "The cost of a new car is a major investment for most people. Even the price of a nice used car has increased as well. Because of these factors, we are seeing people keep their vehicles longer and viewing them more as an investment."

Holding on to an older model car changes the way owners think about the maintenance of that vehicle. Instead of just having the oil changed, tires rotated and other basic services, people are now asking about cost effective, preventative maintenance ideas.

Recognizing this trend, Snyder researched the best preventative products and found a quality rust protection service called Krown. As a result, Gus’s Garage now offers Krown. The rust protection system is able to shield autos from the humid, wet conditions that Ohio weather is known for. In fact, the Krown product was initially created for harsh Canadian weather conditions. Snyder was impressed with the application process, as well as, the enduring protection from the moisture seen in the Fall, Winter, and Spring months. It also protects electrical components and connections that are often damaged by salt and moisture on unprotected vehicles. Starting at $120 for small cars, Krown is a cost effective method to maintain the investment of a vehicle.

For more information on Krown rust protection, go to or call Gus’s Garage at 937-526-3051.

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