Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week

To raise public awareness of the hazardous side of spring weather, Darke County Commissioner’s proclaim March 25 – 31, 2012 Spring Severe Weather Awareness Week.

This proclamation is co-sponsered by The Darke County Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Management and the Darke County Chapter of the American Red Cross.

Citizens are urged to participation in a statewide tornado drill scheduled for Wednesday, March 28th at 9:50 am.

“Following the one of the most active and deadly years in weather history and this year’s events in Ohio and Indiana having safety plans in place prior to any severe weather event are a must,” said Darke County Emergency Management Interim Director Mindy Saylor.

When severe weather is likely, people should listen to local radio, television, a weather channel or a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) radio for information. If a tornado watch is issued, the conditions are favorable and a tornado is possible. However, if a warning is issued, a tornado has actually been spotted or appeared on radar. This is the time when people should go to a safe shelter immediately.

Darke County Emergency Management recommends the safest place during a tornado is underground in a basement. If there is no basement, people who are at home should go to the lowest floor of the house and to an interior room such as a bathroom, pantry or closet. Office workers should take shelter under something sturdy like a desk or a table to protect from flying debris or a collapsed roof. Everyone should stay away from windows.

Mobile home residents are especially vulnerable to damage from high winds and should go to a prearranged shelter when severe weather is predicted.

Preparation for any type of severe weather also means having a family disaster plan and an emergency supply kit assembled and in a location that is easy to access during an emergency. More information on tornadoes and overall emergency preparedness is available at www.darkecountyema.org and www.Ready.gov.

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