Monday, June 25, 2012

Greenville Elks #1139 Hosts Local “Soccer Shoot”

Saturday, May 12, 2012 marked the 4th annual Elks Soccer Shoot held under the direction of Soccer Shoot Chairman, Rich Hadden II. There was a fantastic turnout for the event as we saw 98 participants ranging in ages from 5 to 13 years old. “It’s such a pleasure to see so many of our youth compete in the spirit of good sportsmanship while practicing important skills for the game of soccer”, said Hadden. The soccer shoot is a competition that encourages children to employ accurate shooting skills while showing good sportsmanship towards their competitors. In the younger age groups, they must aim at 5 different goals varying in width from 48” to 17” with the narrower goals being worth larger point values. The older age groups shoot at a 24’ wide x 8’ tall soccer goal broken down into a grid pattern with larger point values being at the upper corners of the goals and lesser point values closer to the ground.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers in each of the four divisions (U-8, U-10, U-12 & U-14) were treated to a dinner and awards banquet on Thursday, May 24 by the Greenville Elks. Each child was brought up on stage and awarded with a gold, silver or bronze medal for their accomplishment. The 1st place finishers received good news that evening. They would be advancing to the state competition in Coshocton, OH on July 28 to compete against the winners from the 5 other Elks districts in Ohio. They’ll be given a 1 night free stay at a local hotel in Coshocton which is provided by the Ohio Elks State Association.

The 2012 results are:

U-8 Girls: Mcayla Bush 1st, Josie Camacho 2nd, Natalie Suter 3rd, Kyra Barnes 4th, Jaylen Snelling 5th, Anna North 6th, Myanna Conway 7th, Isabella Gulley 8th, Lydia Ayette 9th, Hayley Snelling 9th, Destiny Hall 11th

U-8 Boys: Avery Ernst 1st, Austin Obringer 2nd, Trey Rammel 3rd, Ayden Reynolds 4th, Vahn Plessinger 5th, Alex Hadden 6th, Jaden Johnson 6th, Caden Hall 6th, Haiden Livingston 9th, Ashton Combs 10th, Noah Warren 10th, Graham Shafer 12th, Travis Fugate 13th, Tony Werling 13th, Luke D. Rammel 15th, Noah Stevens 16th, Andrew Byrd 16th, Lukas Byrd 16th, Colten Wentworth 19th, Luke F. Rammel 20th, Trent Cheadle 20th, Matthew Lee 22nd, Trent Reynolds 22nd, Garrett Brown 24th, Landon Reynolds 25th, Cooper Hunt 26th, Gabe Rammel 26th

U-10 Girls: Hannah Limbert 1st, Taylor Gonzalez 2nd, Brittany Ashbaugh 3rd, Kierah Beavins 4th, Kara Strait 4th, Trinity Reis 4th, Hallie Bush 7th, McKenna Obringer 7th, Bethany Ashbaugh 8th, Mia Eloff 8th, Carmen Badell 10th, Carrie Rhoades 10th, Isabelle Rammel 12th

U-10 Boys: Jacob Maher 1st, Chris Hadden 2nd, Micah Ayette 3rd, Wyatt Rammel 4th, Sam Banksen 4th, Truman Nicholas 6th, Jordan Warner 6th, Andrew Stachler 8th, Justin Hadden 8th, Victor Livesay 10th, Kale Conway 10th, Gabriel Stevens 10th, Eli Flannery 13th, Erick Lee 14th, Isaac Gulley 15th, Xavier Maitlen 16th, Jacob Warren 17th
U-12 Girls: Ahmya Elder 1st, Lindsay Cheadle 2nd, Claire Haviza 3rd, Jadyn Patrick 4th, Ashley Jolley 5th, Brooke Stachler 6th, Megan Walker 6th, Kirsten Strait 6th

U-12 Boys: Jonathan Chen 1st, Zach Coppess 2nd, Simon Mote 3rd, Marcus Plessinger 4th, Tyler Beyke 5th, Justin Chen 6th, Ethan Flannery 6th, Carlos Badell 8th, Pablo Badell 9th, Sam Rhoades 10th, Mason Wykes 11th, Levi Walker 12th, Gavin Warren 13th

U-14 Girls: Maddie Shepard 1st, Katelyn Avore 2nd, Larisa Schmitmeyer 3rd, Hayley Maher 4th
U-14 Boys: Seth Conway 1st, Logan Gonzalez 2nd, Connor Null 3rd, Andrew Strait 4th
U-8 - Boys & Girls Top 3 Finishers

U-10 - Boys & Girls Top 3 Finishers

U-12 - 1st and 3rd place Boys, 1st and 2nd place Girls

U-14 - Boys & Girls Top 3 Finishers

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