Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WWII Subject For Library's “First Friday”

A real treat is in store for WWII buffs and fire arms aficionados. Dennis Sullivan will have his extensive collection of WWII memorabilia on display in the Greenville Public Library from 2:00 to 6:00 on Friday July 6th. He’ll be present in full military dress to answer questions and to help educate the public about his display as well as his re-enactment activities.

Dennis belongs to the 101st Airborne Division/502 ND PIR/3rd Battalion/Company I re-enactment association where he holds the position of Captain. They’re known as “The Screaming Eagles” Living History Team ( for more info).

He was drawn to this unit because the Airborne Infantry was among the best the Army fielded during the war. His group portrays airborne infantry soldiers at tactical battles and public events as they appeared from August 1942 to May 1945. This period covers the most significant battles of the Regiment: airborne and sea borne assaults into Normandy and airborne assaults into Holland.

He explains, “This group is not a real military organization and our principle interest is to enjoy ourselves at events. However, because we portray a highly trained and disciplined unit, we need to exhibit some of these same characteristics. To do less is a slight to the original members of the Regiment. We take this seriously. Our motto is ‘To honor...not glorify‘.”

When asked what he enjoys about re-enactment, Dennis says it’s the camaraderie, meeting veterans, and educating the public.

He emphasizes the group represents no political causes or ideas and is not a militant organization. Its goals are to educate, to instill patriotism, to honor veterans and their sacrifices, and to experience to some small degree the life of the combat soldier in WWII. “We maintain the highest standards in safety and authenticity.“

Dennis is a retired police officer who lives in Greenville with his wife Jenny Sullivan, the Circulation Supervisor at the Library. Along with his re-enactment activities he & Jenny enjoy their grandchildren.

Be sure to stop by the Library and experience this interesting program and hear about a fascinating part of WWII history, the life of the average combat soldier.

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