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DARKE COUNTY, OH — (July 26, 2012) Community Blood Center congratulates all of the following donors for reaching their milestones. Thanks to the generosity of all donors many lives have been saved.

Donors are recognized for their Life Time Donations (LTD) Milestones
Left: Jerry Brandewie, Right: Roger Etzell, both 100 LTD

Matthew Adams, Markie Addis, John Alton, Adam Barga, Staci Boyd, Lisa Breymier, Valerie Brown, Nicholas Brunner, Daniel Butchko, Tim Collins, Michael Cowan, Tim Crawford, Justin Daniels, Lois Ferris, Adriana Finkbine, Joshua Harmon, Dakota Jones, William Jones Jr., Megan Gilbert, April Johnson, Susan Kaiser, Dave Kanney, Maria Kremer, Jake Layne, Kamara Means, Jacqui Mears, Karen Murphy, Samantha Rader, Tyler Rehmert, Henry Reichert, Pete Reinhart, Elizabeth Riddle, Rita Rindler, Claire Sherman, Mike Shimp, LeAnne Slick, Tom Smith, Lance Steinbrunner, Denise Stewart, Chad Toney, Cherri Turner, Tim Turner, Ryan Tyler, Donald Wagner, Alec Watkins, James Wilker, Kairlyn Wintrow, Robert Wolf

10 LTD
Carolyn Bowman, Pamela Clack, Franklin Cox, Martha Defibaugh Joy Greer, Brian Griesdorn, Mark Hart, Susan Harter, Sherry Hayslett, Shawn Hiestand, Mark Howell, Matthew Lipps, Rebel Manship, James McClurg, Debra Miller, John Riegle, Brett Sackett, Stacie Sharp, Sharon Stebbins, Mary Stickel

20 LTD
Mark Clack, Wendy Grossnickle, Sue Miller, Kimberly Mowen, Michelle Nixon, Tiffany Oswalt, Paul Ricci, Amy Richards, Margie Selander, Cindy Shope, Stacey Thornburg, Dana Williams, Scott Young
25 LTD
Angie Knick, Raymond Link, Marcella Mills, Constance Schrader, Debi Smith, Marilyn Warrick
30 LTD
Jay Chrisman, Patricia Ditty, Seth Force, Michael Hartman, Keith Lear, David Morris, Joe Payne, Bill Rammel, Kimberly Reese, Jeremiah Riffell, Kenneth Stoltz Robert Dircksen, Toni Griffith, Lisa Langenkamp
40 LTD
Robert Dircksen, Toni Griffith, Lisa Langenkamp, Brad Middlestetter
50 LTD
Daniel Cunningham, Dean Davis, Phyllis Hiestand, Travis Teaford, Kenneth Wagner, Jeffrey Williams
60 LTD
Michael Boyer, Joe Remaklus, Donna Wagner, Jospeh Wagner
70 LTD
Doug Frazier, Edward Grillot, James Morehouse, Dennis Seidel, Lawrence Shaltry
75 LTD
Terry Barga
80 LTD
Ronald Klosterman
100 LTD
Jerry Brandewie, Roger Etzell, Virginia Rammel

110 LTD
Carolyn Kremer

160 LTD
Jack Alexander, Forrest Mills

170 LTD
Robert Keiser Sr.

Congratulations Milestone Donors!

For information about blood drives in Darke County please contact Dana Puterbaugh, Darke County Account Representative at 937-997-2199 or dputerbaugh@cbccts.org.

Blood Donation: Donors are required to provide a photo ID that includes their full name. Past CBC donors are also asked to bring their CBC donor ID card. Donors must be at least 17 years of age (16 years old with parental consent: form available at www.givingblood.org or at CBC branch & blood drive locations), weigh a minimum of 110 pounds, and be in good physical health. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) changes blood donor eligibility guidelines periodically. Individuals with eligibility questions are invited to email canidonate@cbccts.org or call 1(800)388-GIVE. Make an appointment at www.DonorTime.com.
Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services® is an independent, not-for-profit organization. Community Blood Center provides blood products to 24 hospitals within a 15-county service area in the Miami (Ohio) and Whitewater (Indiana) Valleys. For more information about Community Blood Center/Community Tissue Services®, visit www.givingblood.org.

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