Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Greenville Grad Addresses The National Federation of Filipino-American Association in Detroit

Greenville High School Salutatorian of Class 2012, Elizabeth Horner, who is spending her freshman year as a college student of New York University Liberal Arts Core Program at the university’s Global Center at NYU London, travelled to Michigan prior to departing for abroad to address the National Federation of Filipino-American Associations members, held at Renaissance Center in Detroit, during its 10th National Conference. She was one of the four key speakers at their welcome plenary session on August 2-5 as pictured from left to right below: Philippine Consul General Leo Herrera-Lim, NaFFAA National Chairman Eduardo Navarra, Elizabeth Horner and Director of Philippine Department of Tourism Vernie Morales.

Horner sent a message to her family and the Darke County community from London to say that “I am unspeakably grateful for all the opportunities you have given me”. She thanks the Senior Scribes and Bistro for their financial help and the local newspapers for “giving me a voice in Darke County and beyond. I promise to describe every arch and buttress of Westminster Abbey and points of interest in each hat that catches my fancy. Let’s see how I can conjure up England for you”. Horner’s ultimate career goal is to be a fiction writer. “It is easier to speak the basic truths when it is disguised as fantasy," she said.

Horner who has been writing articles since age 9, started contributing to “Global Nation Edition” of Inquirer.Net over a year ago. This has earned her respect to be nominated for recognition for “Outstanding Youth Voice Award” by the Philippine-American Press Club USA , a professional organization whose memberships are from major Philippine media outlets operating in the USA and globally such as ABS-CBN Global, Asian Journal, GMA Pinoy TV, Inquirer.Net (Philippine Daily Inquirer), Philippine Headlines, Philippines Today, and others. Horner’s nomination is for her outstanding commentaries about her broader community.

Left: With Philippine US Ambassador Jose Cuisia, Jr. Right: Gala Night

She is the first high school student to address the National NaFFAA Conference, said Ernie Gange, an active civic leader and member of NaFFAA from Pennsylvania . “The former New Jersey Governor, Christie Whiteman once said you will never have a second chance to make a good first impression”, Mr. Gange wrote to Elizabeth. “I was impressed with your intelligence, most especially with the way you talked to us...” . This same sentiment was echoed by many community leaders who attended the event from around the country. Horner has been asked to submit a compilation of her articles on “solidarity” and other related topics for the strategic planning meeting of NaFFAA in 2013.

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