Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Greenville Teachers Perform "Let Me Teach You Maybe"

Teachers at Greenville put together the following video, available on YouTube, as a precursor to the new school year. They parody "Call Me Maybe" and the video features several teachers and students. From the description on YouTube:
With "Positively Greenville" the 2012-2013 theme of Greenville High School, the Language Department at GHS wanted to get students excited about the new school year. Additionally, they wanted to show the students what was possible with a little collaboration. Despite being a school that doesn't have all of the latest technology in every classroom, the Language Department was determined to make their idea happen. Thus, they created a parody of Call Me, Maybe. Their rendition, Let Me Teach You, Maybe, shows that when teachers and students come together, positive things can happen!
The comments on YouTube are likely NSFW (because it's youtube, and that's what commenters on youtube do), so beware.

(Thanks to chatter "Outsider" for the heads up)

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