Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Score Board Sports Club has Closed

Several DJ visitors over the last day or so have asked about the status of the Score Board Sports Club in Greenville. They noted that some had received phone calls regarding league cancellations at Treaty Lanes and a sign on the door that the restaurant/bar was closed for the day.

I have confirmed with owner Jack Alexander that the business is in fact closed permanently. He stated that (previous owner) "Bob Brandon will take back possession and Treaty Lanes will likely continue, but it is doubtful The Score Board will remain as it is." He added that he and his wife are "saddened that it didn't work out."

Time will tell what comes of the business in the near future. We have had nothing but great experiences both as customers and in doing business as We wish Jack and his wife all the best, and look forward to what comes next.

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