Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Versailles Girls Varsity Bowlers Win 1st Match

The WOHSBC kicked off the 2012-13 season at Plaza Lanes in Celina. The Lady Tigers went up against the Van Wert Cougars. Typically, the lane pattern at Celina is very conducive to higher scores, but not for these two teams. (please see the boys varsity article on the lane pattern explanation)

This year for most of the matches, the Varsity Girls will follow the Varsity Boys. (the lanes are not re oiled in between shifts) Normally, this is not too bad, but with the issue they had with 9-16 with the boys, it was going to be even worse for the girls.)

I met with the new Girls Varsity Coach (Tyler Phlipot) before the match and explained to him what had happened with the lanes. During warmups, the girls could not keep the ball from hitting the 7 pin or from going in the left gutter. The decision was then made for all of them to use their spare balls for their first ball. (spare balls are made out of a hard polyester cover to reduce friction and therefore go straighter than the Reactive Urethane balls)

We gave the girls one goal for the day, “Don’t worry about trying to hit the pocket for strikes, your goal is to just hit the head pin somewhere to leave a makeable spare. This philosophy is called Damage Control. Do this and you girls will win your match.”

The plan worked very well. The girls rolled a 789 to Van Wert’s 543. The 2nd game was won by the Tigers 646 to 470. As the day went, the lanes did not get any easier. The Lady Tigers kept plugging away with Baker Game scores of 133, 137, 155, 129 and 131. They easily won the match 2,120 to 1,580.

The Tigers were led by Megan Monnin with 199 and 160. Brooke Wehrkamp 182 and Danielle Cochran.

“The team has 7 returning Varsity players this year. These girls had a great season last year, although they were very young. This should be yet another fun and exciting year for everyone.”

The Tigers will compete this Saturday against the St. Marys Roughriders at Community Lanes in Minster. Please visit www.wohsbc.com for in depth stats and the final conference standings.

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