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"A Potpourri of New Year’s Resolutions for House Speaker" a Guest Post from Charles and Rebecca Reier

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According to the Wall Street Journal December 27, 2012 article titled The Biggest Cliff of All by Daniel Henninger, “The largest threat in the world is the collapse of public policy making”. Based on this shared fear, we have drafted the following list of New Year’s Resolutions for Speaker of the House Rep. John Boehner. If followed carefully, they would return him to the status of the young leader we once
voted into office some twenty odd years ago. We have financially supported his promise that if sent to Washington he would bring about conservative change and “fight the corruption inside the Beltway”.

The adoption of at least some of these resolutions would bring about a renaissance of character for which his Republican supporters long and possibly avert the biggest cliff of all – a catastrophic failure of public policy.

Resolutions for 2013

  • I WILL NEVER again vote for fighting two wars without providing the austerity and taxes necessary to pay for the cost both human and material.
  • I WILL NEVER again support bizarre Department of Energy science fiction projects like Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) where dirty coal-generated electricity is used to pump organic CO2 underground at high pressure where it threatens the safety of cities, industries and watersheds – paid for with hundreds of millions of tax dollars.
  • I WILL NEVER again sponsor or vote for bankrupting entitlements like the Medicare Part D Prescription Benefit Act that was nothing more than a “pork barrel” for the pharmaceutical industry enacted during the Bush administration.
  • I WILL NEVER again ask “Where are the jobs, Mr. President?” when I know my fellow Republican Mitt Romney and others enriched themselves by sending them to China- a country that manipulates its currency, steals technology, ignores patent rights and human rights . Recently Mitt Romney joined the Democratic Senator from New York, Charles Schumer, in a call to put an end to unfair trade policies of China.
  • I WILL NEVER again label a plan developed by the President of the United States or any other elected official as being “irrational and bizarre”. The use of the terms “irrational and bizarre” suggest that the individual is emotionally disturbed at best or psychotic at worst.
  • I WILL NEVER again address a prestigious public event, like the Commencement ceremony at The Ohio State University (where graduation represents an event of a lifetime for so many middle class indebted parents and students) with trash talk terms like “boner” and “wiener”.
  • I Will not continuously attack the President of the United States with the word “leadership” knowing that this term has been used as a racial slur every time Afro-Americans broke new ground in sports or politics.
  • I Will never again attack the President of the United States with statements such as “pull the plug on Granny” when the President is making a serious attempt to restrain useless but expensive end-of-life efforts that benefit no one except the healthcare industry.
  • I Will work with the President of the United States to take the experience gained from “Romneycare” in Massachusetts and apply it to the Affordable Care Act (not the negatively coined term “Obamacare”). American families desperately need a healthcare system that is the product of bi-partisan legislative skills that amalgamate the expertise gained by the Social Security Administration and Health Care systems within our 52 states. This conundrum requires a “Think Tank” solution with amicable bi-partisan support.
  • I Will work to stamp out crime, fraud and cronyism built into so many government programs as a form of patronage knowing that if any group is to be “thrown in front of the bus” it should be the lobbyists that promote programs that are easily subject to fraud and corruption.
  • I Will vigorously oppose any extension of American troops in Afghanistan. Both Russia and America have invested over 25 years of effort in an attempt to install either a Communistic or a Democratic system without success at the cost of trillions of dollars and tens of thousands of lives.
  • I Will work to develop a “Red, White and Blue” Republican Party with “Red” representing traditional Republican austerity at every level, “White” recognizing the value of independent thought and thinkers and “Blue” having compassion for the scores of individuals who have problems through no fault of their own.

(If any of the readers find flaws that seriously undermine the veracity in any of the elements of these resolutions, the authors will contribute $200 to the Hope Foundation.)

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