Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Judge Jason Aslinger Appointed to Two Committees

The Ohio Judicial Conference has named Probate/Juvenile Judge Jason Aslinger to two of its standing committees.

Aslinger will serve on the Judicial Ethics & Professionalism Committee. This committee reviews the ethical guidelines that govern judges, advocates for improvements in those guidelines, and serves as a resource to help judges resolve problems that concern those guidelines and judicial ethics more broadly.

Aslinger will also serve on the Public Confidence and Community Outreach Committee. This committee promotes activities that instill public confidence in the Ohio judiciary by helping judges educate the general public about the function and operation of the state's judicial system.

The Ohio Judicial Conference was formed in 1963, and its purpose is: to study the co-ordination of the work of the several courts of Ohio; to encourage uniformity in the application of the law, rules, and practice throughout the state and within each division of the courts as an integral part of the judicial system of the state; to promote an exchange of experience and suggestions respecting the operation of the judicial system; and to consider the business and problems pertaining to the administration of justice and to make recommendations for its improvement.

Jason Aslinger has served as Darke County Probate/Juvenile Judge since April 2011.

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