Friday, December 21, 2012

Lighthouse to Host 30th Annual Christmas Dinner for the Darke County Community

“We wanted to give a bicycle for each year we have been serving the Darke County Community at Christmas. Dick [Billenstein] was not sure he could get that many, but he did!” said Pastor Barbara Fee, organizer of the Lighthouse’s Community Christmas Dinner.

The Lighthouse Christian Center has been hosting a Christmas Dinner for the Darke County Community for 29 years, and are set to do the same again this year – making it their 30th anniversary dinner. Those in the community who are in need, either of the food or just companionship on the celebration of Jesus’’Birth are welcome to attend the 11:30 a.m. event at no cost.

“We started this tradition because we felt there was a need in the community. Not only for those who were in need of the food, but also for those who were in need of companionship and fellowship. There are more suicides due to loneliness on Christmas, and we wanted to help those people.” Continued Fee.

The meal will consist of chicken breast, barbecue pork, ham, scalloped potatoes, Cole slaw, beans, corn, rolls, pie, coffee, milk and orange drink.

This year, observing 30 years of service, will be a little different. All attending will be served a sit-down meal. There will be special decorations and gifts.

Spirit Transport has teamed up with the Lighthouse Christian Center and will provide transportation free of charge for anyone who does not have their own. Please call Spirit at (937) 548-2700 to take advantage of this free service.

Anyone who is unable to get out may make arrangements to have a meal delivered. Please call (937) 548-7464 and leave a message including your name and a phone number where you can be reached. You will be called and arrangements made for delivery on Christmas Day.

“The business community has been a great support for this event. There have been some who have donated each year for 30 years: Buchy Food Service (hams), Mrs. Wick’s Pies (pies), Eikenberry’s (vegetables), Steve Beam (milk), Dick Billenstein (barbecue pork), and Vint’s Restaurant (Cole slaw).” Explained Fee.

The bicycles, of varying sizes, will be given to 30 lucky children in attendance. There will be other gifts for the youngsters.

If you have any questions, please contact the Lighthouse Christian Center at (937) 548-7464.

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