Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Feel Good Story from “Dr. Dark”

A friend of mine from Greenville shared a heartwarming story with me this evening on Facebook. Justin Ord (the secret identity of local horror host “Dr. Dark”) volunteers time at the Boys and Girls Club in downtown Greenville and found more help than he was expecting when he tried to help a young man make his glasses functional again...
A young boy at the Boys and Girls Club has been wearing a pair of broken glasses with the side arm of the glasses missing for weeks. I took his glasses to Michael’s Fine Clocks and Jewelry (on Broadway in Greenville) to see if they could do anything. They said that welding it would cost $40, but they repaired them at no cost by adding a miss matched arm. It was not perfect, but now his glasses won’t fall off and he is looking much better.
Justin asked to make sure that this good deed didn't go unnoticed by posting it on, and I am more than happy to share the story, not just of the good deed Michael’s did for the young man, but also of Justin and his obviously very caring and giving personality taking it on to seek out help for the young man.

If we have plenty of people in our community like Justin, and we have people in our community who are willing to help like the folks at Michael's did, I think we’ll be ok…

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