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Community Blood Center (CBC) and Vectren Corporation are joining forces to award $10,000 in scholarships and education grants to area seniors and high schools in recognition of their outstanding leadership in the shared mission of saving lives.

The emphasis is on ingenuity in the newly revised CBC/Vectren Lead the Way Creative Scholarship Program. Vectren will again provide $1,000 in tuition assistance to five college-bound seniors who design the most creative blood drive recruitment campaigns.

CBC is introducing the High School Leadership Grant Program to reward excellence among the more than 100 highs schools in the CBC region who host multiple campus blood drives. Eligible schools will compete for $1,000 grants in five award categories.

“These programs demonstrate how much we value our partnerships with the high schools,” said CBC Donor Relations Director Andrew Keelor. “When principals, teachers and parents are willing to spare academic time so students can donate, we know it is for a lesson about community that goes beyond the classroom.”


Lead the Way is a $5,000 creative scholarship program sponsored by Community Blood Center (CBC) and Vectren Corporation to support young adults who will be our blood resource leaders of tomorrow.

CBC and Vectren will award $1,000 scholarships to five graduating, college-bound seniors whose high school hosts a CBC blood drive.

Applicants are asked to imagine themselves as a leader of their high school blood drive as they:

  • Create a theme for the blood drive.
  • Explain why the theme will be effective in encouraging students to donate.
  • Express the theme in a clever, creative fashion using conventional marketing techniques or innovative, artistic expressions.

Deadline for entry is April 20. Applicants can read about last year’s winners, see samples of their winning campaigns (including Bethany Faile’s “Have Love. Give Life. Leave a Legacy. Recycle Hope” video), and download an application form at


The High School Leadership Grant Program is a new approach by CBC to reward and encourage area highs schools that demonstrate blood drive excellence and involve student groups as active and energetic blood drive organizers.

To be eligible the school must be in the CBC 15-county service area, sponsor at least two CBC blood drives between August and May of the current school year, and a student group must sponsor one or more of the drives.

CBC will award five $1,000 grants in the following categories:

  • Participation - Most registered donors during the academic year.
  • Growth - Greatest percentage increase in registered donors from the previous school year.
  • Commitment (2 awards) - Highest and second highest percentage of donors based on eligible school population. (Eligible school population is defined as sophomore, junior and senior class members).
  • Red Cord Excellence - Highest percentage of senior class members qualifying for the Red Cord Honor Program. (A student must register to donate three or more times during their high school career to receive a Red Cord).

Each school’s achievements will be tallied at the end of the school year. Winners will be announced on the CBC website and in local media.

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