Monday, January 28, 2013

Gov. Kasich to Announce Proposed Overhaul to Education Funding

Gov. Kasich / Photo from
WKSU, Kent State's radio station, has posted a story on their site saying that Governor Kasich is expected to announce proposed changes to overhaul Ohio's education funding system.

No real predictions are made in the article as to what changes would be proposed, but this has been a hot topic around Darke County over the past few years, particularly in Greenville where levies for new money to replace existing buildings have failed consistently amid calls for a new mechanism for funding, one that doesn't rely heavily on property taxes, as one of the most consistent reasons given for voting "no."

What changes would you like to see made? If you voted no previously on new school levies, would a funding mechanism you see as more balanced or fair make you a yes voter?

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