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Sheyanne Olson
The YMCA has a robust background in gymnastics. It is one of the most popular national competitive sports leagues at the Y. The Y hosts state, regional and national championships annually, helping kids learn the value of hard work, reach for excellence and enjoy the spirit of competition.

Sheyanne Olson is the Darke County Y's new program coordinator for the gymnastics program. Sheyanne is a 2010 graduate of Greenville High School and is currently a junior at Wright State University studying sports science. She has 13 years of experience as a competitive cheerleader and worked in the Y’s gymnastics department for five years.

Sheyanne coaches the Greenville junior varsity cheerleaders and is also in her second year as a coach of the Y's gymnastics team. She coaches level five and six girls, and travels to other local Ys for competitions. Last year the team qualified for Nationals and traveled to Wisconsin to compete.

Your local Y offers a number of gymnastics and tumbling classes for members and guests. Boys and girls can start at an early age by taking a class with a parent such as the Y’s “You & Me Baby” class. Children age 3 and up can take Tumble Tots and 4 years old and up can take Beginner Tumbling, or Rollers, Swingers or Kippers depending on skill levels. The Y also offers Intermediate and Advanced Tumbling classes as well as Tumble for Cheer, which is geared for junior high or high school students who want to master a higher level of tumbling skills for use in cheerleading.

Gymnastics and tumbling are physically difficult sports, says Sheyanne. The younger a student starts, the more able they are to learn the proper form to build upon. Body positions learned include the squat, pike, straddle, lunge, v-sit, tuck and bridge. Sheyanne says one thing she enjoys about coaching is seeing the students learn. “It’s rewarding to see students set goals, work on skills and accomplish new things,” she says.

The sport is also good for social skills, since the athletes meet a variety of students on different teams from different schools.

The Darke county Y will be hosting the district meet on March 16 and 17, featuring events on the beam, bars, floor and vault.

Students or parents who are interested in gymnastics or tumbling can visit a class any time or contact Sheyanne at

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