Monday, January 7, 2013

MVCTC Dental Students Become Ohio Certified Dental Assistants

Curtis Wilson, Arcanum
In recent years the Ohio Certification for Dental Assistants has allowed students in the second year of a training program to attempt the exam if their instructor is certified. The students prepare during the two years and in October take a practice/mock test. Industry personnel come to the school and administer a clinical test during which the students are scored and also receive constructive feedback. This finalizes their preparation for the clinical and radiology sections of the test. They review a study guide to prepare for the written portion of the exam which includes around four hundred questions. If they pass all three sections of the exam they become a Certified Ohio Dental Assistant (CODA). This credential also puts them on the "short path" to receiving their radiology license as well as other benefits.

The following MVCTC students passed all three sections at the October exam:

  • Curtis Wilson CODA, Arcanum
  • Mikayla Stewart CODA, Twin Valley South
  • Morganne Hammaker CODA, Tri-County North

Other students in the MVCTC senior Dental Assistant program are registered for the May CODA exam.
Cheryl Johnson, MVCTC Dental Assistant instructor shared, “We are very proud and happy with the success of the students as they attempted an advanced test, and did so well. Gaining this credential will help them prove their competency, gain their radiography license, and fulfill a prerequisite that is required of the EFDA (advanced dental assisting) program at higher education institutions.”

A student in the MVCTC Dental Assistant Program will learn highly skilled training such as Anatomy &Physiology, laboratory skills, radiology, and office technology for an in demand career field. This program allows students to earn college credit and the potential to receive a Tech Prep scholarship to Sinclair Community College worth thousands of dollars. For more information about the MVCTC Dental Assistant Program, please visit

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