Thursday, January 17, 2013

Stay Resolved!

So half-way into January, have you fallen off the treadmill, started back to having a soda and a candy bar for breakfast? The Darke County Chapter of the American Red Cross would like to offer a little help in helping you stay on track with the your New Year’s Resolutions. So looking at some of the most common New Year’s resolutions, here are some easy Red Cross ways to Stay Resolved!

  • Lose Weight and Get Fit –teach CPR training, it’s healthy, active and bonus, you teach others to save lives!
  • Quit Smoking-- Be an Advocate-easiest way to break a habit is to replace it with another habit, why not a one that is not only great for you, but an organization you support as well.
  • Learn Something New-sign up for a CPR class-from babysitting, to First Aid, how to work logistics to Pet First-sign the whole family up to attend a Red Cross class or workshop.

Eat Healthier and Diet –Gain a Personal Support Network. The American Red Cross Recommends that senior citizens create a personal support network made up of several individuals who will check in on you in an emergency, to ensure your wellness and to give assistance if needed, why not use this same network concept to help you stay on track for your resolutions as well! For the emergency network, we recommend:

  1. Make arrangements, prior to an emergency, for your support network to immediately check on you after a disaster and, if needed, offer assistance.
  2. Exchange important keys.
  3. Show them where you keep emergency supplies.
  4. Share copies of your relevant emergency documents, evacuation plans and emergency health information card.
  5. Agree on and practice methods for contacting each other in an emergency. Do not count on the telephones working.
  6. always notify each other when you are going out of town and when you will return.
  7. The relationship should be mutual.

  • Get Out of Debt and Save Money –Create a disaster kit for your home-not only will it help you look at what the “true” essentials in your household are, it will also make recovery from a disaster simpler.
  • Spend More Time with Family ---Fire Drill- Practice, practice, practice—check out for some family time preparedness activities, like practicing for a house fire drill or discovering what disasters is your home most at risk to experience?
  • Travel to New Places-our disaster volunteers travel across America, helping those in need after disaster and Darke County is also proud to have an International volunteer, who can end up anywhere in the world!
  • Be Less Stressed¬-Being informed can often lower your stress level, much as being prepared can, so start taking some time to check out how to make your home safer, or what to do during an earthquake.
  • Volunteer –umm, really should we even have to mention this one-of course we’re looking for new volunteers! Next Disaster Services Meeting is January 22nd 6:30 pm. New Volunteers Orientation is at 5:30 same day sign up at redcross,org/oh/Greenville, follow the volunteer links until you find the application.

For more tips about staying resolved, check out the Darke County Chapter’s Facebook page or follow them on twitter.

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