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Versailles Bowling Round Ups

Versailles Girls Varsity Bowlers 9-0

Megan Monnin
Versailles was set to take on the Russia Raiders to try and keep their record without a loss. The Lady Tigers started out by rolling games of 801-432 and 892-453. In the Baker Games, they continued to roll on by winning all 5 games: 175-91, 162-141, 191-81, 135-93 and 168-91. This was the highest team total for the year for the Tigers. They rolled a 2,524 to Russia’s 1,382. The Tigers were led by Megan Monnin 200, Tori Minnich 193 and Hannah Niekamp 178.

On Saturday, January 12th, the match against Temple Christian was being held back at Plaza Lanes in Celina. If you recall, the 1st match of the year for the boys and girls was there and this is where the lane machine that cleans and oils the lanes broke down. Well, as bad luck would have it, it happened again!

“The lane machine was ran up and down lane 16 (4) times. Lane 15 a couple of times and then on lane 14, they had it stopped in the middle of the lane working on it. After some time, they realized they could not get the machine fixed. The maintenance man then proceeded to get out the oil sprayer to spray lane oil on the rest of the lanes. This is how bowling lanes were conditioned with oil back in the 50’s, 60’s and 70,s before lane machines were invented.”

The Tigers were on Lanes 15 and 16 where the lane machine issues started. The biggest issue was lane 16 had been completely stripped and cleaned 4 times with little oil being applied and lane 15 a couple of times, so this made both lanes play completely different. The first game the Lady Tigers struggled a little bit trying to get lined up and figure out the lanes. They won the 1st game 696-610. The 2nd game was much better after some things were figured out. They won that game 841-539. So, going into the Baker Games, the undefeated season was still looking very good.

All of the Baker games belonged to the Tigers: 146-115, 169-106, 182-98, 168-59 and 163-99. Versailles won the match 2,365 to 1,626. Leading scorers for the Tigers were Brooke Wehrkamp 205-189 and Tori Minnich with a 173.

“This is the 3rd time something has gone wrong this year with the lane machine on our pair of lanes. These girls just keep fighting through the adversity and keep prevailing.” Said Coach Tyler Phlipot

The 3rd Annual Ladies Auxiliary Eagles Breakfast to benefit the Versailles High School Bowling Program is set for January 27th from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. The bowling team and coaches will be on hand to serve you! Tickets for a 42” LED HDTV or an Apple iPad will also be available. The drawing will be at 12:00 pm.

Versailles Boys Varsity Complete 4 Matches

The Varsity Boys Bowlers recently competed in 4 WOHSBC matches against Marion Local, Russia, Ansonia and Lima Central Catholic. The 4 matches consisted of (2) Double Shifts, one in Union City and the other in St. Marys.

The format was modified to allow for enough time to complete 2 matches in one day. The format was 2 regular games and 2 Baker Games. “Our Baker Games have been our strong point about all season. So, with only 2 Baker Games, it is very important we have the lead going into to the Bakers.” The first 3 matches, Versailles had very nice leads going in to the (2) Baker Games. They continued their streak and defeated Marion Local by 592 pins, Russia by 379 pins and Ansonia by 455 pins. Leading scorers for the Tigers were as follows: Jordan Groff 257-203, Michael Davidson 215 and Kenny Nagel 213.

The match with Lima Central Catholic was going to be a tough one. “LCC has really improved their program the last couple of years. We need to come out strong against them to put the pressure on.” The setting was the “back lanes” at Varsity Lanes in St. Marys. “When the conference matches are at St. Marys everyone knows going in that the lane pattern is going to be tough, especially if you are on lanes 13 and 14.” This year, the lane pattern used was “The Beaten Path” developed by Kegel Bowling.

Lanes 13-16 have probably not been resurfaced in 15 years. (wood lanes need sanded and resurfaced every 2-3 years). When wood lanes are not properly taken care of, the finish on the surface breaks down and the front part of the lanes become almost as bad as a rough parking lot. Combine this with a sport compliant lane pattern like the Beaten Path, and the lanes almost become unplayable. To add more added difficulty, they decided to build lane 13 directly up against the left wall. Therefore, when you bowl, your trail leg and left balance arm are continually beating up against the wall.

“We practiced on 1 and 2 in Versailles all week to try and simulate what we were going to have to deal with, however, it is just not the same as there is much more room on lane 1 in Versailles and the lanes are in great shape.” The Tigers started off the match strong by simply keeping the ball in play and converting their spares. LCC had a tough time early on. LCC finished the game strong to close the gap. The Tigers won 753-741. LCC had a couple bowlers get hot the 2nd game and won that game 788-748. Going into the Baker games the Tigers were down only 28 pins. “All we need to do this game is keep it close. We are on lane 13 for the 1st Baker Game, so we just need to try and grind it out. It is to our advantage that we are finishing on the right lane.” The Tigers did just that and only lost the 1st Baker game by 1 pin, 157-158. Versailles took an early lead the last Baker Game, but LCC had the breaks going their way. The proceeded to throw (3) Brooklyn strikes in a row in the middle of the game, which took the hopes of Versailles making up the 29 pin deficit. The Tigers record is now 8-3 for the season.

“This has been one of those years where we have had to deal with some extremely difficult lane conditions. From the first week in Celina where the lane machine broke down, to Wapakoneta where the same thing happened and then the luck of the draw put us on lanes 13 and 14 in St. Marys. The great thing about all of this is all of these guys have fought through it and kept their heads up, even with the adversity they have had to face. This will only make them better in a month during post season competition.”

The 3rd Annual Ladies Auxiliary Eagles Breakfast to benefit the Versailles High School Bowling Program is set for January 27th from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm. The bowling team and coaches will be on hand to serve you! Tickets for a 42” LED HDTV or an Apple iPad will also be available. The drawing will be at 12:00 pm.

JV Boys and Girls Bowling

After 8 weeks of competition, the Boys JV Bowling Team remainis in 2nd place at 6-2 behind Coldwater, who is now 8-0. The boys faced the Russia Raiders Saturday in Wapakoneta. The 1st two games were 692-492 and 809-580. The Baker Games were 189-136, 213-93, 169-143, 160-87 and Zach Marshal with a 211, Ryan Watren 178 and John Poepplman with a 176.

The Girls JV Bowling Team’s record improved their record to 3-5 after 8 weeks of competition. The Versailles Girls JV Team swept both regular games and all 5 Baker Games against Parkway. Leading scorers for the Tigers were Breanna Davis 143.

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