Thursday, January 31, 2013

Y Offers February Membership Promotion

February is the month when many fall off the wagon with their healthy New Year’s Resolutions! Let us help you stay on track and show some love to yourself and your community with a Y membership! The month of February is typically associated with Valentine’s Day, but it is also Canned Food Month.

During the entire month of February, the Y will waive all or part of the Joiner’s Fee with the donation of canned food items. Each canned food item will take $5 off the Joiner’s Fee. For example, with a donation of 20 canned food items the Y would completely waive the Joiner’s Fee on a Family Membership. All donations will go to a local food pantry.

Also during the month of February, the Y will accept canned food items on Sundays in lieu of payment for Day Pass Fees. Each canned food item will take $1 off the Day Pass Fee. For example, a youth would need to donate 5 canned food items for free entry on Sundays.

According to, in Darke County, 14.9% of our population lives in households where they experience “food insecurity”- they are unable to consistently access enough nutritious food necessary for a healthy life. That's about 7890 people in our community, of whom 3140 are children, who may not be sure where their next meal will come from.

Although food insecurity is harmful to any individual, it can be particularly harmful for children due to their increased vulnerability and the potential for long-term consequences. Food insecure households are not necessarily food insecure all the time. Food insecurity may reflect a family’s need to make trade-offs between important basic needs, such as housing or medical bills, and purchasing nutritionally adequate foods. (

By making a canned goods donation to the Y this month, you not only help yourself on your health and wellness journey but you can also help people in our community who may face difficult choices during these tough economic times.

The Y is one of the leading non-profits for strengthening community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. A membership at the Y provides individuals and families many opportunities to grow, learn and thrive in a safe, positive environment. When you join the Y, you don’t just join a “gym,” you belong to something special.

For more information about membership or programs, visit us online at or call the Y at 548-3777.

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