Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Davidson wins Gold at Districts, Advances to State

As in wrestling, swimming and golf, bowlers can qualify for the State Championships as an individual if their team does not make it through Sectionals and/or Districts. The Versailles Boys Bowling Team just missed making it to State for the first time ever this past weekend at Beaver-Vu Bowl in Beavercreek by 17 pins. (see separate article)

“Michael has had a goal to make it to the State Bowling Championships since his freshmen year. As a coach, I can say this kid has worked his tail off the last few years and I am extremely excited for him. As a Dad, it is and incredibly proud and humbling moment.”

“During warmups, we discussed which ball and line to play as I do with all the kids. We both felt the Brunswick Nexxxus ball was giving him the best look on the lane. Michael started off the first game by rolling a fine 249. His second game he made a couple of small adjustments early on as each game is bowled on a different pair. He started off with a strike and a spare. He then proceeded to string strikes up until the last ball of the tenth frame leaving one pin standing for a new school record of 279. “The lanes were really starting to change for everyone so more adjustments were needed to be made. The Nexxxus was still the ball to throw, he just needed to make some moves with his feet and his mark.” He started out with a double and then left a rip 7 pin. It looked as if he was going to make the spare, but he missed it by a hair to the left. Michael did not let that get him down and fought back to roll a 244 game for a 771 series. He crushed the old school record of 709 that he set last week in the Sectional Tournament.

Before the Baker Games were rolled, the District had a brief Awards Presentation for the All District Team. This was awarded to the top 8 bowlers for the day. The top 8 were: Michael Davidson 771, Kyle Helms 706 (Oak Hills), AJ Bigelow 690 (Troy), Dillon Meece 687 (Oak Hills), Ricky Reed 679 (Northmont), Joey Francis 668 (St. Xavier), matthew Diamond 666 (Centerville) and Andrew Spencer 665 (troy). Michael was awarded a Gold Medal and a Certificate from the OHSAA for his accomplishment.

“Our team missed going to State by 17 pins which really stinks. I would have rather went as a team. I will proudly represent the Versailles Boys Bowling Team this weekend at State.” Stated Michael Davidson.

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