Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Greenville Career Tech Center Students Compete at Regional BPA Competition

Greenville Career Tech Center Students recently competed in the Regional BPA Competition. Students from Computer Information Systems, Financial Specialists, Interactive Media, and Supply Chain Management Tech Prep Programs worked hard to prepare for and present at the Regional competition. We are very proud of our students and staff for their success! Students advancing to the state competition will compete March 14 and 15th in Columbus, Ohio. Congratulations to all of our students for competing and we are very excited for our students moving on to the state level. Greenville Career Tech Center, "Where Kids Matter and Success Happens!"

Clockwise from top left: Kelsi Sleppy from Computer Systems,
Second Place in PC Troubleshooting, Courtney Grilliot
from Financial Specialist 12, First Place in Computerized
Accounting, Rachel Class from Financial Specialist 12,
2nd Place in Banking and Finance, Tara Guillozet from Supply Chain
Management, 1st Place in Presentation Management
State Bound Winners from the Recent Regional BPA Competition from Greenville Career Tech Center:

Greenville Regional BPA Award Winners 2013:
First and Second Place State Bound Winners (Program)
  • Courtney Grillot - 1st Computerized Accounting - (Financial Spec. 12)
  • Rachel Class - 2nd Banking & Finance – (Financial Specialist 12)
  • Jenna Rifenberg - 1st Payroll Accounting - (Financial Specialist 12)
  • Kelsi Sleppy - 2nd P C Troubleshooting - (CIS 11)
  • Reese Kennett, Aaron Leveronne, George Liebherr, & Nicholas Venenga - 1st Network Design Team - (CIS 12)
  • Devan Hesson, Elizabeth Reed, Ciara Byrd, & Kaleal Ester - 1st Parliamentary Proc. Team - (SCM 11)
  • Tara Guillozet - 1st Presentation Management - (SCM 12)
Also Placing and Winning:
Top: Left to Right: Kaleal Ester, Elizabeth Reed, Ciara Byrd,
and Devan Hesson, Supply Chain Management,
1st Place in Parliamentary Procedure
Bottom: Left to Right: Robert Liebherr, Aaron Leveronne,
Reese Kennett, and Nicholas Venenga
  • Zach Ditmer - 4th Computer Network Technology - (CIS11)
  • Markella Beisner - 3rd Presentation Management (SCM 12)
  • Dylan Blinn - 2nd Presentation Management (SCM 11)
  • Adam Hickerson & Derek Lockhart - 2nd Global Marketing Team (SCM 12)
  • Viren Patel - 3rd Prepared Speech (SCM 11)
  • Brian Bailey - 4th Prepared Speech (SCM 12)
  • Diana Carrubba - 6th Prepared Speech (SCM 12)
  • Zeppelin Hoehn - 6th Extem. Speech (CIS 12)
  • Sabrina Curry - 5th Extem. Speech (CIS 12)
  • Stetson Zumbrun - 4th Extem. Speech (SCM 12)
  • Jacob Clark - 3rd Banking & Finance (FS12)
  • Sophia Navis-Davis - 5th Prepared Speech (FS11)
  • Justin Helmer - 5th Insurance Concepts (FS 12)
  • Elizabeth Reed - 5th Parliamentary Procedures Concepts (SCM 11)
  • Stetson Zumbrun - 3rd Parliamentary Procedures Concepts (SCM 12)
  • Rachel Henninger - 2nd Parliamentary Procedures Concepts (SCM 11)
  • Ciara Byrd - 1st Parliamentary Procedures Concepts (SCM 11)
  • Dylan Blinn - 6th Project Management Concepts (SCM 11)
  • Derek Lockhart - 5th Project Management Concepts (SCM 12)
  • Tara Guillozet - 4th Project Management Concepts (SCM 12)
  • Samantha Hans - 6th IT Essentials (IM 11)

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