Thursday, February 28, 2013

Greenville FFA Team Places in Contests

The Greenville FFA Agricultural and Industrial Diagnostics judging team of Brady Garber and Patrick Schmitmeyer placed 5th at Darke County contest. The contest was held at Koenig Equipment and employees of Koenig’s ran the contest for teams from Darke County FFA Chapters.

The Tractor Troubleshooting contest involves a team of two members. The team had 4 tractors that were bugged with problems and the team had to identify the bug and then fix the problem. Examples of problems that can be found in the tractors are bad fuses, broken electrical wiring, blown lights, safety switches disconnected, obstructed air flow, and others. It challenges the team members to work in a systematic method to troubleshoot the problem, utilize computers to help in identifying the problem and to correct it. The team members also have a written test to take concerning similar topics. Members have 20 minutes to complete each of the stations of the contest.

Brady and Patrick advanced on to the District 5 Agricultural and Industrial Diagnostics judging contest on February 23rd at the Koenig Dealership in Anna, Ohio. They placed 5th out of 18 teams in the District contest. Special thanks go to Koenig Equipment for setting up the contests and practices for the local chapters.

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