Saturday, February 16, 2013

Greenville Transit System Recognizes Drivers

Left: Amy Stewart, Russel Roan, and Elaine Roan. Right: Russel Roan and Barry Enochs
At the February 12, 2013 Safety Meeting Kathy Cool, General Manager and Amy Stewart, Regional Safety Director for MV Transportation recognized two drivers for their safety records. Barry Enoch was given a certificate for winning the 4th Quarter Katherine McClary Safe Operator of the Quarter and Russel Roan was given a certificate for winning the Katherine McClary Safe Operator of the Year. This is the second year in a row that Mr. Roan has won for the Division Safe Driver of the Year. Mr. Enochs has been a driver for Greenville Transit System since 2003 and Mr. Roan has been a driver since 1995.

During this monthly safety meeting which is required attendance for all the drivers for GTS/MV, Mr. Roan was also surprised to know that he had been chosen as the Safe Operator of the entire Region for 2012. There are roughly 500 drivers in our region. In winning this prestigious award, he will be given a leather jacket and newsworthy recognition by MV Transportation. During the meeting he was also informed that he has been nominated for the Safe Operator of the Year for entire MV Transportation Company. (Roughly 14,000 drivers).

Drivers are recognized quarterly, yearly, regionally and nationally, by meeting the Katherine McClary Safe Operator requirements that include a variety of driving principles and customer relation skills. Katherine McClary was a young lady who was accidently killed in an intersection accident, by a transit driver of MV in North Carolina, several years ago. The family requested that MV continue to recognize safety by keeping Katherine’s name alive and thus the Katherine McClary Safe Operator program was established.

Greenville Transit System drivers are trained monthly through the Avatar Driver Training Programs where monthly safety themes are discussed and consistently presented to the drivers on a daily basis through the daily Safety Messages and the Safety Bulletin Boards. For information on riding the Greenville Transit System or employment opportunities for our Division or another MV Division please contact Kathy Cool, General Manager, at (937)548-0437. Greenville Transit System is funded through the City, ODOT, FTA, private contracts and rider fees.

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