Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Having a Big Sister has inspired this Little to become be a mentor herself!

Sarah Beck and her assigned little Sue making animals creatures and writing stories about them during a recent session of the big buddies mentoring program at Northwood. Their lively green creation was named: Buzz Rhino
Sarah Beck may be only 17 years old but she has a pretty strong vision for her future. Sarah, the daughter of Clarissa Beck is currently enrolled in the after school mentoring program, “Big Buddies” sponsored by Brothers Big Sisters. She volunteers two hours of her time, two times per month to mentor her little at Northwood. Sarah is currently matched with nine year old Sue McWilliams, daughter of Diana McWilliams and Steve McWilliams of Sidney.

Sarah stated, “I wanted to volunteer as a Big because I want to make a difference in someone’s life, there are so many kids in the world that have so many gifts to offer but no one to help unlock them.” Sarah who is a junior at Sidney High this year is inspiring to go off to college and enter the education profession. Sarah stated, “I want to become a teacher and this program offers me a great start to unlocking the gifts of children.”

The program continues to promote social and educational enhancing activities, as well as personal safety. High school mentoring programs have become a widespread component of many nationally affiliated Big Brothers Big Sisters agencies. Studies prove that children who spend time with a positive role model are more likely to become healthy, productive adults. The Big Buddies program has proven beneficial not only for the “Littles” but for the high school volunteers as well. Sarah Beck is just one example of that.

Sarah is no stranger to the Big Brothers Big Sisters program as she is currently a little herself in our core program. Sarah was matched at the age of 14 with Big Sister, Betty Miars. The two will celebrate their four year anniversary this spring. Betty Miars, a resident of Anna stated, “I love being matched with Sara. I am so proud of her because she not only talks about helping others; she spends the time and effort to do it.”

This match is just one example of the impact an adult can have on the life of a child. By offering guidance and support we can help them achieve great things in life. Sarah stated, “Having a big sister has changed my life in so many ways. I am so grateful to have Betty as my Big. The years have gone by so fast and I hope I can impact someone’s life like she impacted mine.”

If you would like to make the difference in the life of a child but are unable to volunteer at this time, Big Brothers Big Sisters has many other opportunities throughout the year for others to become involved. One upcoming event is our Bowl for Kids Sake 2013 to be held on March 1 and 3. Teams are forming now and we need your support to keep our programs up and running. Learn more about our agency and how you can help by logging onto www.bigbrobigsis-shelbydarke.org or calling 937-547-9622 or 937-492-7611.

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