Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mississinawa Valley FFA celebrates FFA Week

The Mississinawa Valley FFA celebrated FFA week during the week of Feb 17-23. During the week, there were many fun activities and dress up days planned, including ag Olympics on Thursday. The dress up days were as follows: Tuesday was camo day, Wednesday was Ag Occupation day as well tractor drive in day, and Thursday was blue and gold day as well as truck drive in day.

For Thursday, members had the chance to earn the new chapter T-Shirt through participation points, or if they didn’t have the adequate number of points, they could buy the T-Shirt. The t-shirts served as an incentive for those members who go above and beyond for the FFA.

Ag Olympics served to be a very enjoyable day for the closing of the week. Some of the activities at ag Olympics was a milk chugging contest from a calf bottle, food eating challenges, a tractor tire flipping contest, “plunger darts,” and an ag mechanics combo challenge. Also, there was a question every morning on the announcements, dealing with FFA history, that the classes were asked to answer and submit for prizes.

As well as all of the high school activities, the MV FFA hosted a coloring contest for the entire elementary in which papers were passed out and students were asked to color the picture of a tractor. FFA week proved to be a success with a lot of participation, as many students enjoyed all activities.

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