Monday, February 4, 2013

Obligatory Super Bowl Commercial Thread

It seems obligatory to ask readers what they thought of this year's Super Bowl commercials. So routine, in fact, that I hesitate to post one for fear of having the same conversation as every other website in the western world today...

...but I have to, if for nothing else than to post my favorite ad.

Dodge's "So God Made a Farmer" ad captivated me. I was on my way out of the room to get a snack but stopped and stood there, empty bowl in hand, staring at the TV and listening to Paul Harvey's every word. I hated that it ended with a message from someone wanting me to buy a truck, but not enough to overcome the raw emotion that the words, images, and even the white noise of an out of date recording created immediately before.

What was your favorite commercial? If you somehow missed it, this was mine...

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