Sunday, March 10, 2013

Catholic Church and ORTL Jointly Advocate for Health Care for Poor Women

Statewide religious denominations lend support to pro-life advocacy

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Today, Ohio Right to Life welcomed the pro-life advocacy of the Catholic Conference of Ohio along with Ohio Catholic hospitals and Catholic Charities agencies in support of health care coverage for the poor, especially young women.

"Governor Kasich's proposal ensures that young, low-income women will now have access to a real doctor instead of some relying on Planned Parenthood," said President of Ohio Right to Life, Mike Gonidakis. "Ohio Right to Life continues to identify innovative opportunities to reduce and ultimately eliminate abortion in Ohio. By giving young women access to real health care and a primary care physician, we believe less and less women will view Planned Parenthood as their only option."

According to a recent Ohio Medicaid report on Mothers, Infants and Children issued by Jobs and Family Services, Ohio Medicaid has paid for two out of every five births in the state. Medicaid continues to cover one out of every three births to white mothers, three out of every five births to Hispanic mothers and seven out of every 10 births to African-American mothers in Ohio.

The Ohio Right to Life movement has worked in concert with the Catholic Church since the inception of pro-life advocacy. The Catholic Church, inclusive of its clergy and laity, not only supports the pro-life cause, but has strengthened many pro-life causes.

We stand in agreement with the Catholic Conference of Ohio as well as many other reformations, including the West Ohio Conference of the United Methodist Church, Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio, United Church of Christ and United Church of Christ Justice and Witness Ministries in urging our elected officials to expand health care for poor women and others in Ohio.

To read the Catholic Conference of Ohio's press statement click here.

(Submitted by Darke County Right to Life)

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