Friday, March 15, 2013

Greenville Elks 1139 Donates to Greenville Township Fire Department

Steve Maitlen, Exalted Ruler, F/F's Troy Weber, Justin Wilson, Shayne Scantland,
Lt. Bob Roark, Rhonda Minton, Elks
The Greenville Township Fire Department recently received a generous donation from the Greenville Elks 1139.

The funds will be used by GTFD to purchase several items to improve their firefighting capabilities within their jurisdiction. An additional hydrant adapter for their dry hydrants located throughout Greenville Township was purchased, as well as two hydrant adapters that will be used on the Greenville City hydrants, when assisting Greenville City Fire Department.

Greenville Township Fire Department also purchased a K-tool with the funds from the Elks. The benefit of a K-tool comes where it is impractical or dangerous to break a door, for example, the large plate-glass doors in front of a commercial building will quickly yield to a well-placed blow from an axe, but may send fragments of glass flying, and will result in a pile of broken glass. The K-tool can be used to pull the core from the lock without damaging the door itself. The K-tool is also useful during investigations where no fire is readily evident. The core can be pulled from a lock, which can often be repaired at lower cost than replacing a door and jamb damaged by other, more energetic entry methods.

GTFD expressed their gratitude for the donation and appreciates the partnership of the Greenville Elks Lodge in helping to promote public safety.

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