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Maysville High School Takes Top Honors at State Archery Tournament

National Archery in the Schools Program continues to grow

Maysville High School (Zanesville) won the 2013 Ohio National Archery in the Schools (NASP) State Tournament on Friday, March 1, with a score of 3,397 points, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR).

The 2013 NASP tournament was held at Franklin County Veterans Memorial in conjunction with the Arnold Sports Festival, the annual fitness event developed by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. The ODNR Division of Wildlife coordinates the Ohio NASP tournament.

“NASP is currently taught in 620 Ohio schools, and this curriculum emphasizes archery safety in addition to improving the concentration, self-esteem and confidence of the students who participate,” said ODNR Director James Zehringer. “ODNR hosts one of the largest NASP tournaments in the nation, and we want to encourage Ohio’s young archers to continue showcasing their talents.”

The top male and female archers were determined by a shoot-off between the top three boys and top three girls from each division — elementary, middle school and high school. At the conclusion of the shoot-off, Clay Williams, a freshman at Philo High School, and Katie Ruffner, a sophomore at Logan High School, were announced as the overall male and female champions.

Hocking College in Nelsonville offered scholarships to the first, second and third place individual finishers by final score. Waynedale High School received this year’s spirit award for demonstrating enthusiasm and sportsmanship during the competition.

A total of 1,446 archers from 78 teams competed in the 2013 tournament, which is an increase from 1,319 archers last year. Each competitor could score a maximum of 300 points by shooting arrows as close to the center of a target as possible.

Awards were given for teams and individuals with high scores in the elementary, middle school and high school divisions. Thirty-four Ohio teams received qualifying scores, making them eligible to participate in the NASP National Invitational Tournament, which will be held May 10-11, in Louisville, Ky.

Ohio was the 10th state to participate in NASP. The ODNR Division of Wildlife introduced NASP in 2004 with 12 pilot schools. Statewide expansion of the program began in January 2005, and 2005-2006 was the program’s first full academic year. Growth in NASP has continued across the state, and more than half of Ohio’s 88 counties currently have at least one school participating in NASP. Last year, more than 1,300 students participated in the 2012 Ohio NASP State Tournament.

NASP is used to teach target archery in a school’s gym. The curriculum covers archery, safety, equipment, technique, concentration skills and self-improvement. Visit for more information about the program.

ODNR ensures a balance between wise use and protection of our natural resources for the benefit of all. Visit the ODNR website at

Editor’s Note: Final 2013 Ohio NASP State Tournament results are listed below.

Top Overall Team
Maysville High School, 3,397 points

Hocking College Scholarship Award
First Place
Dean Murphy, senior, Maysville High School, 296 points
April Bartenschlag, freshman, Philo High School, 291 points
Second Place
Clay Williams, freshman, Philo High School, 293 points (Shoot-off winner)
Lita Banks, junior, Montpelier High School, 288 points
Third Place
Jeremy Clough, junior, Maysville High School, 292 points
Katie Ruffner, sophomore, Logan-Hocking High School, 288 points (Shoot-off winner)

Spirit Award
Waynedale High School

Team Awards
Elementary School Division (grades 4-6)
1. Worthington Bluffsview Elementary, 3,182 points
2. Logan-Hocking Elementary, 3,181 points
3. Maysville Elementary, 3,146 points
4. Meigs Elementary, 2,960 points
5. Maysville Local, 2,950 points
Middle School Division (grades 7-8)
1. Logan-Hocking Middle School, 3,332 points
2. Philo Junior High School, 3,242 points
3. Maysville Middle School, 3,231 points
4. Meigs Middle School, 3,153 points
5. Athens Middle School, 3,147 points
High School Division (grades 9-12)
1. Maysville High School, 3,397 points
2. Logan High School, 3,368 points
3. Philo High School, 3,321 points
4. Sherwood Fairview High School, 3,277 points
5. Troy High School, 3,276 points

Individual Awards (Name, School, Score out of 300 points)
Fourth Grade Male (Top 5)
1. Brian Wilson, Bluffsview Elementary, 277 points
2. Nathaniel Harper, Maysville Elementary, 271 points
3. Cayden Dougherty, Bluffsview Elementary, 266 points
4. Jacob Fisher, Bluffsview Elementary, 260 points
5. Kanyon Zinn, Maysville Elementary, 260 points
Fourth Grade Female (Top 5)
1. Heidi Jo McCrady, Logan-Hocking Elementary, 280 points
2. Treva Hampp, Maysville Elementary, 274 points
3. Keely Fickel, Logan-Hocking Elementary, 267 points
4. Hannah Miller, Bluffsview Elementary, 265 points
5. Marjorie Chapman, Meigs Elementary, 254 points
Fifth Grade Male (Top 5)
1. Izak Bukky, Logan-Hocking Elementary, 278 points
2. Zach Browning, Mount Eaton Elementary, 277 points
3. Max Burns, Logan-Hocking Elementary, 268 points
4. Theren Handlon, Bluffsview Elementary, 264 points
5. Brant More, Morgan Local Schools, 264 points
Fifth Grade Female (Top 5)
1. Elizabeth Vrana, Fairfield Christian Academy, 280 points
2. Rylee Butler, Maysville Elementary, 279 points
3. Kaylee Wilson, Maysville Elementary, 265 points
4. Taylor Bass, Meigs Elementary, 260 points
5. Madison Kelley, Bluffsview Elementary, 259 points
Sixth Grade Male (Top 5)
1. Christian Blair, Fairfield Christian Academy, 283 points
2. C.J. Hall, Maysville Local, 279 points
3. Wyatt Nicholson, Meigs Middle School, 277 points
4. Daniel Fether, Stryker, 275 points
5. Ethan Hershberger, Mount Eaton Elementary, 272 points
Sixth Grade Female (Top 5)
1. Abigail Downs, Logan-Hocking Elementary, 280 points
2. Anna Ezell, Bluffsview Elementary, 276 points
3. Baylee Grine, Fairview Middle School, 275 points
4. Sydney Joseph, Maysville Local, 272 points
5. Megan Davis, Philo Junior High, 265 points
Middle School Male (Top 5)
1. Cole Stufflebeam, Logan-Hocking Middle School, 290 points
2. Michael Downs, Logan-Hocking Middle School, 289 points
3. Thad Swingle, Philo Junior High, 285 points
4. Sean Brandabur, Hamilton St. Peter in Chains, 284 points
5. Ryan McGill, Hamilton St. Peter in Chains, 283 points
Middle School Female (Top 5)
1. Kate Cooper, Maysville Middle School, 286 points
2. Katie Robinson, Fairview, 283 points
3. Lindsey Downs, Logan-Hocking Middle School, 280 points
4. Laney Delaney, Fairview, 279 points
5. Samantha Collier, Fairfield Christian Academy, 279 points
High School Male (Top 5)
1. Dean Murphy, Maysville High School, 296 points
2. Clay Williams, Philo High School, 293 points
3. Jeremy Clough, Maysville School, 292 points
4. Brad Wilson, Coshocton County Career Center, 290 points
5. Levi Gheen, Maysville High School, 290 points
High School Female (Top 5)
1. April Bartenschlag, Philo High School, 291 points
2. Lita Banks, Montpelier High School, 288 points
3. Katie Ruffner, Logan High School, 288 points
4. Amber Bownes, Logan High School, 284 points
5. Amelia Bartenschlag, Philo High School, 282 points

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