Tuesday, March 5, 2013

New Pumps at Marathon on Russ Road Include Built in Infotainment (and Commercials!)

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The gas station formerly known as the North Sunoco in Greenville has converted to a Marathon station. In addition to the changes to all of their signs, the gas pumps have also seen an upgrade.

At the new pumps, not only can you acquire gasoline and curse whoever you blame for it's perpetual state of being too expensive, you can also view short television segments on monitors built into the pumps. The first time I went, I was treated to a segment from Fox News which included a sports update. In the amount of time it took me to fill up that day, I was able to see two complete short segments. This morning I thought I’d catch a video of it to share, and unfortunately I was shown only commercials for Chevrolet and the hot coffee I was sure to find inside the store.

I’m about as screen addicted as they come, and even I had mixed feelings about another spot to be given information rather than looking around at passing cars and other people waiting for their tanks to fill. A couple of news reports was, admittedly, pretty cool to have dropped in, but there was something very unsatisfying about being “sold” cars and coffee while I watched the dollar amount climb and climb until I had enough fuel for my current car.

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