Monday, March 4, 2013

"Republicans: End Sequestration, Ante up" A Guest Post from Charles and Rebecca Reier

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Any gambler knows that you cannot play the game unless you first put some chips on the table i.e. “anteing up”. On this issue Speaker of the House John Boehner should be well advised. Early in his career, one of his aides lost over $600,000 of campaign money mysteriously gambling (a million dollars corrected for inflation). Another aide, after working in Boehner’s office, took employment with the Las Vegas Sands casino operations. More recently, Boehner has met (with Eric Cantor) behind closed doors with multi-billionaire Sheldon Adelson (God-Father of modern casino operations worldwide) to discuss issues that apparently are none of the voter’s business! Given this background, Boehner should realize that a popular elected President will expect him to bring some bargaining chips to the table. Without a reasonable ante, negotiations are impossible.

In case Boehner is incapable of analyzing the situation, he could take the advice of multi-billionaire Warren Buffet who says “the wealthy pay too little taxes” and that the system is unfair. President Obama has made it clear that progress on entitlement containment could be made if Republicans would agree to increasing taxes on the very wealthy to levels that are still low according to historic standards.

The majority of Americans understands that while their fortunes have been stressed or gone down over the last decade, the upper 0.1% has seen their wealth explode. While Romney and other billionaires shipped jobs overseas, hard working Americans were left to take the only available choice – that is unemployment and entitlements- the very entitlements that Republicans rail against.

Unless the Republicans put this one important chip on the table, they lack credibility as effective politicians and leaders.

The President has spelled out the need for modest increases in taxation of the very wealthy in dozens of speeches. Furthermore, he is supported by not only Warren Buffet but large numbers of wealthy people who understand that fairness in taxation is the necessary ingredient for a cohesive society and a vibrant economy.

Charles E. Reier MD
Rebecca A. Reier
Greenville Oh

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