Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ramco Joins County Economic Development Efforts

Dave Dunaway (r), President of Ramco Electric Motors, presents his Partnering for Progress contribution to the President of the Darke County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC), Jim Poeppelman (l). The Darke County CIC governs and funds the county’s public-private economic development initiative

Ramco Electric Motors has become the newest member of the Partnering for Progress (P4P) initiative, Darke County’s collaborative economic development campaign. The manufacturer, located in Greenville, becomes the 72nd area entity to contribute to this expanding effort.

“The Initiative is an invaluable tool for the county’s growth and prosperity,” stated David Dunaway, Ramco President. “Partnering for Progress seeks to encourage local growth and revitalization. Obviously, that’s something that we want to support in any way that we can.”

The P4P initiative is a collaborative effort between the county economic development office, the Darke County Community Improvement Corporation (CIC), the county commissioners, and numerous private investors. It is supported by both public and private dollars and aims to promote the expansion of existing industry, develop local resources needed for growth such as a strong workforce and shovel-ready sites, and attract new business to the area. Because of these goals, Economic Development Director Marc Saluk said that the private investment side of the equation is vital.

“The funding itself is, of course, extremely important because it allows the partnership to launch new programs and support existing projects that have proven effective,” explained Saluk. “But the guidance and feedback that we get from companies such as Ramco are needed at least as much as the funding. Without the expertise this provides, our effectiveness would diminish dramatically.”

According to Saluk, P4P has assisted the business community in the creation or retention of over 750 jobs to this date, most of them well paying positions in manufacturing. Additionally, the initiative has worked with Ohio to secure commitments of over $18 million in state incentives for the local business community.

According to Saluk, nine of the Top-10 employers in the county now annually support the P4P effort as do a large percentage of the county’s manufacturers and individual communities.

“The broad support really provides the foundation for the partnership. If companies like Ramco didn’t contribute to our efforts, we would need to limit the scope of the initiative’s mission and goals, most of which are viewed as required services by the business community. Having the means to look at the big picture and tackle the major issues is what gives P4P its strength” commented Darke County Community Improvement Committee (CIC) President Jim Poeppelman. The CIC board governs the P4P initiative and guides the efforts of the economic development office.

Ramco Electric Motors has operated in Darke County since 1987, and is a manufacturer of electric motors and related components for use in industrial, military, and aerospace applications.
The Company is proud of its record of supplying high quality electrical components and assemblies to its Customers who include many well-known names in the industrial and aerospace industries. Its philosophy is based on a competent, trained staff, supported by a dedicated Quality Team, all of whom are committed to Customer satisfaction.

All products supplied by the Company are rigorously inspected. The continued ability to supply these materials in a timely manner to Customer delivery schedules is a testimony to the quality of the Customer Service that is the basis of the Company philosophy.

In support of its activities in its chosen field, the Company is a member of the National Federation of Independent Businesses and the Ohio Manufacturer's Association and operates to these organizations' codes of practice.

Those interested in learning more about the county’s economic development efforts can call the ED office at 548-3250. To learn more about Ramco Electric Motors, please visit their website at:

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