Monday, April 1, 2013

"The things that Romneycare, Obamacare, Kasichcare have in common" A Guest Post from Dr and Mrs Charles Reier

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A most conspicuous commonality of the three plans is the fact that when it comes to providing healthcare coverage, the elected leaders of the Republican and Democratic parties agree on how it should be done. The Affordable Healthcare Act (aka Obamacare) was modeled after the Republican Romneycare in Massachusetts. One could even call it the Serendipitous Bi-partisan Healthcare Plan (SB Healthcare). Another shared factor is that, as currently administered, they will all bankrupt the state and federal government. Romneycare in Massachusetts is projected to take fifty percent (50%) of the state’s budget in the near future.

For rank and file Republicans, this is all that needs to be said – case closed! Stop Obamacare and abort the maverick Kasichcare before it has a chance to develop a heartbeat, they say! Unfortunately the medical economic fundamentals of the modern day healthcare complex are virtually unmoved by such simplistic partisan efforts. By simply saying NO, healthcare as well as pharmaceutical costs will continue on their hyperbolic path. Why? Virtually anyone in serious need of healthcare currently receives it, one way or another, although the funding is through an opaque system. The less fortunate though, who are most apt to fall through the cracks, are the children of the uninsured. A strep sore throat, that could easily have been treated early, can result in an emergency room visit and/or future hospitalizations for the complications resulting from neglect. The old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” applies to medical care.

Another factor that Romney, Obama, and Kasich Care Plans have in common is that they were crafted to satisfy the desperate need for a healthcare safety net on the part of many in the general public. This is especially true for hard working middle class families that have seen their incomes decline and their job security evaporate. At some point the average family will need the security that the Affordable Healthcare Act provides.

It is evident that we have a Healthcare Crisis between bankrupting unaffordability on the fiscal side and life threatening unavailability on the human side of the equation. This conundrum can only be solved by close bi-partisan support and cooperation. It is no longer acceptable to politically slam efforts to contain healthcare costs. Attempts by Obama to reduce the end-of-life healthcare costs were met by Representative Boehner’s sarcastic response,” he is pulling the plug on Granny”[1]. His statement certainly brought cheers from the pork barrel healthcare industry lobby- Granny being one of their better customers. It is time to tell our elected representatives that such behavior is unacceptable at the least and cynically inhumane at the worst.

Healthcare costs can only be contained by a Congressional wall against increased costs provided by a bi-partisan effort. The Republican Congressional leadership has within its power the ability to make the Affordable Healthcare Act deliver on its implied promise.

Dr and Mrs Charles Reier

[1] If Rep. Boehner had the well being of seniors at heart would he have used the term “Granny”?

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