Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Updated: The Tiger Has Been Returned!

Update #3: Now WHIO is reporting that the Ansonia police have as many as 7 suspects in the theft. According to the article, one of the suspects was told they have four hours to come up with names and the location of the tiger. A short period later and the tiger was dropped off at the police station.

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Update #2: The Tiger has spawned it's own facebook page, which was pleading for a rescue, but now includes a photo of it safe and sound (minus a foot)...

Update: The stolen tiger has been returned and is at the Ansonia Police Station. If we hear anymore about the case, we will update accordingly.

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An elementary school community project meant to showcase the artistic ability of Ansonia's K-4 graders while promoting a sense of community pride has indeed brought the community together, after one was stolen from it's location on Main Street.

Ansonia students in Chrissy Cox's art classes painted and decorated the tigers to display at various businesses along Main Street. The Tiger that was located in front of the Lumber Yard was painted gold and covered in nuts, bolts, screws, and other hardware related objects. The fiberglass tiger was fastened to a large concrete slab.

According to WHIO, Ansonia Police Chief Frank Shapiro believes someone pulled the tiger from the base with a chain attached to some sort of vehicle. It's not clear at this time who took the tiger or why, but the small village has seen a large coming together in support of locating it and pursuing charges against those who took it.

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