Friday, May 17, 2013


May is National Historic Preservation Month and old school house #4, called Center, located on Grubbs Rex Road in Twin Township is under going restoration. According to the property owners,
"New window panes were installed on the east side of the building and are “pegged”. The soffit trim will be replaced on this side, also. Both ends of the building contain original corbels trim under the roof line. The bell was “removed” years ago and we are looking into replacing the belfry.

Another fine example of restoration and preservation in the process and recording of history was done by the Arcanum High School. We wish to thank the students who participated and the organizer Principle Jason Stephan for photographing the old school houses in Twin, Van Buren, and Butler townships. This was part of Arcanum's "Serve Arcanum" project to enable students to give back to their community.

Does anyone have any old photos of this building to help with the original design? If so, please contact Annette Stewart at 692-6462 at the Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Society or e-mail photo to:, attention Annette.
The photographs will be on file with the area’s Arcanum Wayne Trail Historical Societies Reference Library as a means for researchers to view the remaining school houses in the surrounding area or locations of where they once stood. A few of the old school houses have been utilized by turning into residences but many are in disarray or simply gone. It is a shame that some have resorted to even taking the bells out of the belfry's or stripped the insides of the building by non-property owners. It is our hopes to bring these situations to light.

If you or your family went to school in a old one or two room school house in southern Darke County, we would love to hear your stories or see your photos. Please contact us at the AWTHS so we can record your history. Also, anyone who has done restoration work and would like to share, please contact us.

Let's bring Center's bell home and help re-build the belfry by showing us your pictures of the original old school house on Grubbs Rex Road.

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