Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Experiencing the World without the Expense

Do you love to travel, taste unique foods, try new experiences, or have a desire to learn a foreign language, but are unable to do it in this economy? CCI Greenheart is the solution you have been looking for. CCI Greenheart is a cultural exchange based organization that matches host families to foreign high school students from all around the globe within Darke, Miami, and Shelby counties for a one month or ten month stay.

With the American lifestyle quickly revolving around technology, it is easy to forget how special face-to-face experiences are and how those experiences truly make each person feel at the end. Think about the last conversation you had with someone face-to-face and what you were able to take from that conversation. Hopefully it was not just information as one would do via text or email, rather a feeling or feelings should be connected to that conversation. Maybe you felt revived, elated, excited, energetic, curious for more, or various other emotions. That is what hosting is all about. It is about the feelings that one obtains by spending great quality time with someone from another country. It can simply be hitting the mall, dinner at home, attending a sporting event, or even bigger milestones that a family may be going through such as a graduation, marriage, or an addition to the family. Hosting an exchange student is meant to be a rewarding experience with very little required financially and physically. If a family is able to open their doors to a student, provide the student with adequate living space, assist them in being a part of the local high school, and willing to make sure that their basic needs are met on a daily basis; then they are a family that should join such a great organization as CCI Greenheart.

So where do families go from here to be a part of the organization? Simply go to www.cci-exchange.com and click on the link “host an exchange student”. The process is simple and allows families to be well on their way to experiencing other cultures without leaving their local community.

Once the initial application step is completed, a Local Coordinator with CCI Greenheart will contact the family to assist them with the rest of the application process, discuss the desired gender of the student, country of origin, and family interests and will then submit to them several preliminary biographies for consideration.

It truly is an exciting process to be a part of. Who would not love to host a student from countries such as Germany, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Belgium, France, Hungary, Brazil, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, and South Korea. The list is truly endless with all of the countries that are represented through CCI Greenheart.

Make today a day that will change the life of your family and the life of a foreign exchange student. It will be a decision that will make a difference to so many for many years to come!

Want more information prior to the initial application step? Call Michele Huber, CCI Greenheart Local Coordinator for Darke, Miami, and Shelby counties at 419-584-1038 or ccigreenheartmichele@gmail.com.

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