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GOP Men hear Ohio Anti-Agenda 21 spokesperson

Submitted on Behalf of the Darke County Republican Men's Club 

“I hope today to give you a ‘big picture’ understanding of how Agenda 21 came into being and how it has rapidly advanced during the last two decades. When I am done speaking, I hope you will go to my website and further your knowledge of Agenda 21 so that you can share your knowledge with your neighbors, religious leaders, educators, fellow workers, and politicians, in the hope that we can stop this train wreck.” was the opening used for the presentation given by Eileen DeRolf, a retired science teacher with a Master’s Degree in Natural Resources. She spoke recently to the Darke County Republican Men’s Club (DCRM).

People with conservative views often take exception to many of the things that are being done by government at the current time – health care, zoning, private property rules, regulations regarding small businesses, anti-fossil fuels, political correctness, etc. These are all symptoms of the Agenda 21 (A21) disease. Without A21 to drive them, these things would not be happening.

“Agenda 21, also referred to as ‘Sustainable Development’ is NOT an environmental movement; it IS a political movement using the environmental movement to further its goals. Agenda 21 seeks to control the world’s economy, dictate the world’s development, and capture and redistribute the world’s wealth. The process will lock away land and resources from use by citizens as it creates a central economy and controls all industry, transportation, food production, water, and population.“ explained DeRolf. “This will be done through creating a coalition of government, business, and private organizations under the auspices of the United Nations. When fully operational, this system of Global Governance, will command a One World Court, a One World Army, a One World Media, etc. all working to gain total control over all of the Earth’s wealth.”

The beginning of A21 was through the United Nations Summit held in 1992. There were five documents introduced, all to drive A21. President George H. W. Bush signed the original document, along with 178 other world heads of state. However, at that time, the U.S. Senate did not ratify it on behalf of the U.S. In 1993, newly elected President Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 12582 to create the President’s council on Sustainable Development. This council contained 12 cabinet secretaries. Six of them belonged to the Nature Conservancy, The Sierra Club, the World Resources Institute, and the National Wildlife Federation. These same groups, called non-governmental organizations, worked directly with the United Nations to craft A21, and then were in a key position to put A21 policies into every single agency in the U.S. Government. This means every federal agency ─ the Department of Education, the Department of Homeland Security, the EPA, all of them ─ have, for 20 years, been using American tax dollars to undercut our national sovereignty and steal our property rights.

Those who support and advance the A21 program do so through three groups: the extreme environmentalists, the socialists/communists, and the average citizen who is/has been indoctrinated into believing that what the other two groups wish to happen is really a good thing. There is thought that the environmentalists are being used and likely many individual members do not even recognize it.

These groups wish to abolish private property rights. They have the total backing of the United Nations and the very powerful private organizations, like the Sierra Club, Zero Population Growth, etc. All of these forces together came up with a way to justify, as said by Al Gore, “the wrenching transformation of society.” That justification will achieve what may be billed as the three E’s; economic equity, social justice, and environmental justice.

The backers of A21 are good at selecting terms whose meaning seems self-explanatory and sound very positive. This is done in an effort to make those who hear them for the first time think they are probably representative of good things. The reality is quite different.

Social and Economic Justice are designed to allow the government to justify correcting the injustices of the past inflicted upon minorities and/or the disadvantaged. In other words, in a socialist world for justice to be served the poor need to be made wealthier. Which, out of necessity, means the rich need to be made poorer. That is why social and economic justice fosters redistribution of wealth through policies that encourage open borders, mass transit, Obama Care, low income housing, food stamps, free lunch programs in the schools, Obama Phones, quotas in the workplace, college scholarships for the low income student, Medicaid, taxing the rich to help the poor, and redistribution of wealth from the wealthier countries to the poorer countries, and on and on. All this is predicated on the idea that no one should be allowed to have more than anyone else and that many of those who have the least have been victimized by society.

Environmental Justice says that man is responsible for all of nature’s woes; global

warming, air and water pollution, famine, etc. Consequently, it is critical that all of man’s activities are severely controlled, of course, by the government. Environmental Justice allows the proponents of A21 to use the environment to effectively convince Americans, that in order to save their planet, they must give up their individual rights ─ like private property ownership ─ for the greater good.

These regulations are guided by the “precautionary principle”, that allows the government to use the environment as a hammer. This precautionary principle says that, if there is the slightest chance that an activity of man MAY harm the environment, then that activity must be stopped. The Keystone Pipeline is a perfect example. In the world of sustainable development, even the POSSIBILITY of doing harm to the environment, is a sufficient reason to create new and onerous regulations.

Taking all of this together, the vast programs spawned by the 3E’s, that redistribute your wealth and steal your private property rights, are helping to turn America into a Socialist country, which will eventually be combined with all the other countries to create a One World Governance.

“You say this is crazy. I could not agree with you more. It is crazy, but that doesn’t mean millions of citizens across the globe aren’t buying this scam. So, how has Sustainable Development been swallowed by so many Americans you ask?” questioned DeRolf.

Through indoctrination, regulation, intimidation, and the outright destruction of our culture. Through making a program sound as if it is good through appealing to our good-heartedness.

Indoctrination is the tool used to soften up citizens to make them receptive to the transformation of a free world to a socialist, sustainable development world. Think of all the commercials and nature shows you have seen pushing the green agenda; all the articles our media writes pushing the green agenda, even various churches push the 3 E’s, and let’s not forget the schools and colleges that have curricula that has A21 ideas embedded that are designed to create good global citizens willing to give up their individual and constitutional rights for the common good in order to protect the environment.

You combine all of these strategies with the overly generous and trusting nature of Americans ─ and the reality that other Americans are not paying any attention ─ and you can understand why sustainable development policies, which are presented as a good thing ─ and some are, BUT only in the short haul ─ have soaked into the fiber of American thinking.

To discourage the use of fossil fuels, the federal government will put so many regulations on the mining, refining, and delivery of fossil fuels, that at some point, alternative energies will become competitive. The result – all forms of energy will be artificially expensive, which will then force conservation and also diminish individual property ownership.

Regional and federal governments are offering grants to local government to build bike paths and sidewalks. Often some amount of matching funds is required of the local government, and since local funds are finite, money for roads is being diverted and instead used to build bike paths and sidewalks ─ hardly critical infrastructure for anything other than “walkable” communities.

Reduction in family size is a side result of all Smart Growth strategies. Because development can only occur on the limited land in town, land prices, land taxes, and congestion will increase, while size of homes, ability to own cars and travel, ability to use energy, and afford children will decrease.

The last area that A21 seeks to bring under control is the business sector where there is incredible wealth to capture and control. This is done through Public Private Partnerships, or P3s. P3s, turn corporations into willing advocates for A21 policies when government selects certain companies to receive preferential treatment, like subsidies, front of the line permits, large federal contracts, etc. In exchange, the company agrees to further the governments’ agenda ─ let’s say the green agenda. This choosing of winners by the government, using our tax dollars, gives these companies -- usually large companies -- such an advantage that the smaller companies cannot compete.

“Eventually, only large companies who answer to the government will survive, and not the free market. There is more than a coincidence at work when General Electric stopped making a safe incandescent light bulb that was manufactured in America, and instead started making mercury laden light bulbs overseas. Might it have something to do with redistribution of our money overseas, and an extreme drop in the amount of taxes GE owed the federal government?” asked DeRolf.

These regulations are creeping in. For example, here in Ohio, the state government now owns all the water – every drop, “no matter what depth” (even a puddle on your driveway). The citizens of Ohio have accepted the law governing this. Private property owners will face increasing regulations, until it becomes impossible for them to finance owning their property – sidewalk installation, taxing run-off rain water, taking of property easements, improvement licenses, tree management, etc. Fewer single family homes will be built because of increasing regulations.

Once enough Americans are indoctrinated into accepting the 3 E’s, it is much easier for the government to get these same Americans to accept the heavy regulatory burden that will be required to fully implement A21 policies. These regulations began to be written in 1993 when President Clinton created the Presidential Council on Sustainable Development. Through the recommendations of this council, Sustainable Development policies were put into every single federal agency.

DeRolf explained that there is a group formed in Ohio that is trying to fight A21 -- Coalition against Agenda 21. She asked that anyone interested in joining the fight please consider contacting the Southwest regional leaders, Diane & Mike Ruehl at Additionally, she stated that anyone who would like to learn more, would find the following website of interest:

Wendy Sizemore – an Ohio farm owner -- also spoke regarding the impact of A21 on agriculture. Echoing, and further explaining, much of what DeRolf presented. A21 is particularly aimed at limiting farm ownership and returning land to the wild. The goal of A21 is to return at least 50 percent of Earth to non-human access.

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