Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Area Couple, Married for 65 Years, Die 11 Hours Apart

Harold and Ruth Knapke, photo from WHIOtv.com
Local, regional, and even national news outlets are picking up on the bittersweet love story of Harold and Ruth Knapke, who recently passed away just 11 hours apart of one another at Versailles Health Care Center.

According to a story by the Associated Press and posted at WHIOtv.com, "The couple's daughters said they believe their father willed himself to stay by his wife's side despite failing health until they could take the next step in their journey together. He went first — his children saw it as his "final act of love" — and she followed."

The couple passed away on August 11th, just 9 days before their 66th wedding anniversary. One of their daughters was quoted as saying, "They were so committed and loyal and dedicated, they weren't going to go anywhere without the other one."

Click here to read the full story at WHIOtv.com.

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