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Shelly Acker, Steve Wenning, Sharon Warren, Cindy Scott, Carol Fourman, Diane Bickel, Kelly Sanning and Jim Beyke. Not pictured: Jennifer Barga & Mike Presnall.
Mark your calendars! The Darke County Health Fair Committee is excited to announce the upcoming 2013 Darke County Health Fair. The 39TH Annual Darke County Health Fair will be Tuesday, October 8, 2013, in the Youth Building at Darke County Fairgrounds on State Route 49, Greenville, Ohio. Hours will be from 8am to 4:30 pm.

The 2013 Health Fair, open to people of all ages, will feature over 40 different displays and many FREE health screenings. KitchenAid will be doing their annual demonstration. Play BINGO and have a chance to win a New Flat Screen TV and other Door Prizes!

As always, the health fair will be offering several tests: A Wellness Panel, $40.00; TSH, $35.00; PSA, $40; Vitamin D, $ 50.00; Flu Shots, $25; and Mammograms $195.53. There will be chair massages and reflexology for one dollar.

FREE health checks include blood pressure, diabetes screening, visual acuity, height and weight, abnormalities in urine, nutrition screening, hearing tests, spinal-postural analysis, chair massages, citizen CPR, family fire drills, fall-risk assessments and bone density.

The Wellness Panel includes 14 Chemistry tests checking a wide variety of systems (ex. Fasting glucose for diabetes, tests to screen for renal & liver disease, bone health, etc.) plus a Lipid Panel (to evaluate hyperlipidemia as an index to coronary artery disease.). Fasting is preferred, but not mandatory.

Vitamin D is available for testing this year. It is a test to screen for Vitamin D deficiency, a very common deficiency in the American population. Vitamin D plays an integral role in bone health and decreasing the risks for colorectal cancer, breast cancer and autoimmune diseases.

The Flu Shots are available to anyone 6 months and older. The Health Department is now able to accept most insurance plans including Medicaid, and Medicare Part B. If paying cash, the cost is $25.00.

The vaccine will be the Quadrivalent Vaccine. There are different types available this year. Quadrivalent is IMPROVED COVERAGE-covering 4 strains of influenza.

For transportation, call 547-1811(outside of Greenville with 24-hr notice).

Darke County Health Fair Committee Members are Mike Pressnall, Cindy Scott, Shelly Acker, Sharon Warren, Jim Beyke, Carol Fourman, Jennifer Barga, Steve Wenning, Diane Bickel and Kelly Sanning.

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