Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Guest Post from Sue Bowman

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I am seeking re-election to the Greenville School Board because I care about this community and our children. While serving my first term on the Greenville School Board, I have gained valuable experience that will help our schools continue moving in a positive direction. As I grew up, my parents and grandparents taught me that education and hard work was the key to my future. It is from those life lessons that I learned my responsibility to give back to my community.

I have gained the experience to keep Greenville Schools moving in a strong, positive direction and been a member of the team that hired a new superintendent and implemented team building activities . As a Board member, I have been accessible, listened to the public that elected me, and have done my homework. I have attended workshops and conferences to gain knowledge and better serve our community as an elected school board member.

I stand for fair process, curriculum alignment, compliance and personal accountability. The Board is a steward of taxpayers’ dollars. Having a degree in accounting and working in the accounting, purchasing and the sales fields, I understand the need for a sound fiscal policy and for transparency. With business and management skills, I recognize the importance of discussion and compromise, no matter how difficult or controversial the issue. I am not here to judge; I am here to be a positive influence to our schools and community.

I ask for your support and, if elected, I will continue the important work of ensuring that all our children have the opportunities for a quality education in a strong community. In the 21st Century, our schools need to be the gateway to our children’s career and college successes. Their future, our future and Greenville’s future depends on a quality education.

I ask for your vote November 5th to continue this most important challenge.

Sue Bowman,
Current President of the Greenville School Board

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