Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cindy Scott Asks For Your Vote, A Guest Post

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My name is Cindy Scott and I am seeking re-election to the Greenville City School Board. I have proudly served on the board of education for twelve years.

I am married to Tom Scott; we are both lifelong residents of Greenville and graduates of GHS. We have two daughters who are Greenville graduates and one daughter who is a junior at GHS. We also have grandchildren who attend Woodland Primary.

I bring a variety of experience to the board. I am employed by Greenville National Bank, starting my senior year in high school. My husband and I run a sizeable family farm operation of which I manage the financial books and payroll records. I am a member of the EUM church in Greenville and volunteer in the church’s summer food service program. I am an active member of the Greenville Instrumental Music Boosters. Personal qualities I bring to the board include integrity, common sense, rational decision making and the ability and willingness to listen to all sides of any issue.

New and improved facilities for our district were on my list of hopes and goals when I was elected to the board twelve years ago. That dream is now a reality that I hope to see through to completion. My heartfelt THANKS to the community for your support.

If re-elected, I will continue to encourage and support efficient and effective use of your tax dollars in the best interest of our students. I will ask for your continuing support as we strive to move our district forward, to increase academic achievement and complete the district facilities project.

Thank you to the entire staff of Greenville City Schools for your tireless commitment and dedication to the students of our district. Thank you to the community for your support of our schools – past, present and future.

I respectfully ask for your vote on November 5th that I may continue to serve our students and community as a member of the Greenville City School Board.

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