Friday, October 11, 2013

Guest Post in Support of the Arcanum Pool and Parks Levy from Annette Stewart

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As a local area supporter of the Arcanum Pool and Parks, I would like to say thank you to the staff that ran the pool this summer and the Village of Arcanum offices who worked hard to allow it to remain open. I participated in the weekly aerobic classes which I’ve attended for around four summers. I enjoy this time to come to exercise and enjoy fellowship with other women. The pool is close to home which saves me time and mileage and enables me to attend three times a week. The pool was well-managed this year and the area was nice and clean. Many new activities were added to the pool schedule including evening exercise classes for the first time this year to those working during the day. Ivester Park is also nice for reunions and get-togethers; our family used the park shelter last summer for a family picnic and everyone enjoyed being outside and the children had nearby playground equipment to use. Even though I can’t vote for the pool and park levy since I live outside of the city limits, I support the program and I ask the citizens of Arcanum to pass the levy so the whole community of Arcanum as well as outside the city limits, can enjoy these nice facilities.

Thank you
Annette Stewart

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