Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Cardinal Center Is Heating Up

Upwards Sports players honing their skills at
the Cardinal Center in preparation for season play.
On December 11, the Village of Gettysburg secured financing to satisfy the remaining obligations of their land-purchase contract with Tom Batelle and to install a new modern heating system in the community wing of the building. The new high efficiency forced air furnaces will replace the inefficient low pressure steam system and will allow for the addition of air conditioning. Installation of the new system is expected to be completed in early January.

In the meantime, the lack of a new system is not preventing use of the center. The Upwards Sports ( program sponsored by Pleasant View Missionary Church has started using the facility for youth basketball. They are practicing every Monday and Thursday through December with games every Saturday starting in January. The program runs until the last week of February. A temporary heater is in place and keeps the building comfortable for the players.

The Friends of the Cardinal Center continues to meet at 7pm the second Tuesday of each month in the center and is off to a flying start. Their initial appeal to Gettysburg alumni has returned over $6,000 in donations. They have received their certificate of non-profit status from the State of Ohio and are now in the process of applying for tax exempt 501c3 status. The group wants to create a list of as many former students as possible and would like to hear from anyone who has ever attended or worked at the Gettysburg School. The friends can be reached by mail at PO Box 305, Gettysburg, OH 45328, facebook (, or contacting Esther Clark (937-447-8473).

Also, the rental rates for the Cardinal Center have been updated and can be found at

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