Friday, January 3, 2014

Getting Back to Normal

John L here...

You have probably noticed a somewhat erratic pattern of publishing new content over the past week to two weeks. I was fortunate enough to have an extended winter break (due to hoarding a lot of time off throughout the year) and utilized the time to spend with my family and enjoy being at home. Things should get back to a normal schedule of content now that the break is winding down and everyone gets back to reality.

I look out my window today and see several inches of snow covering everything outside. It's been a nuisance but a relative mild one compared to what we are being told is in store this weekend. Blowing snow has a legendarily devastating effect on our county roadways, having up to 8 inches on top of what we already have and potentially sub zero temperatures is not going to make things easier on anyone. Here's to hoping everyone has a safe place that is fully heated, and that the power stays on so that we can all huddle up to see the Bengals win their first playoff game in 23 years on Sunday.

Stay safe and warm, everyone.

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