Saturday, March 15, 2014

Author’s Night Continues

Friends of the Green ville Public Library’s Author’s Night continues with Suzanne Kelly on Friday March 21st at Montage in downtown Greenville. Suzanne will discuss and read from her delightful new novel Stolen Child, recently published by Bottom Dog Press. Suzanne describes the novel as a coming of age story of a Irish American girl set on the eve of the election of JFK in 1960. It has been nominated for a Pushcart Prize.

Author Katrina Kittle’s review reads “Suzanne Kelly's Stolen Child will steal your heart. This novel captures the intri-cacies and confusion of religion, politics, and family conflict all through the eyes and logic of a child. Sweet, struggling Lucy is right up there with Scout on my list of favorite child narrators. Warning: this novel will steal your time and all commitment to other obligations too. Once you open it, nothing else will matter but seeing it through to the beautiful, moving end.”

Suzanne was raised in suburban Kansas City and has long had an interest in the history of the Irish in America as reflected in songs and stories passed from generation to generation. In her travels she has been fascinated and amused by some of the commonalities among the Irish in America and those in Ireland, proving the truth of Gaelic lore that "one beetle recognizes another." Having worked as an Assistant Ohio Attorney General and for an online legal publisher, Suzanne currently enjoys her position as Lecturer of Law at Wright State University. She lives in Dayton with her husband, poet David Garrison.

As always doors open at 6:00 and the program starts at 7:00. Enjoy the delicious deli and desserts available to buy as well as the great music by J.R. Price and Bill Westfall - who are known to break into some mean blues as the evening progresses. Come early and bring a friend!

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