Monday, March 3, 2014

Brethren Retirement Community Goes the Extra Mile to Help Families Caring For a Loved One

Today, many of us stay connected with our smart phones – but even smart phones have their limits when it comes to communicating with family and friends if you are caring for a loved one at home or in a nursing home.

Brethren Retirement Community has partnered with CareMonster, a smart phone app that was designed to help families reduce stress, simplify coordination, and improve communication when it comes to their loved one.

We’ve not only partnered with CareMonster to make it easy for everyone involved to stay up-to-date with the care and needs of their loved one; we’ve covered the cost of it for you! You simply download CareMonster from your app store and input our provider code-412526. It’s that easy!

CareMonster focuses on YOUR loved one and keeps everyone on the same page. Each family member can quickly reference the Guestbook and see a list of past visits and have peace of mind knowing that someone has seen their loved one. Whenever a visit report is created, it shows up on the calendar and gives a good visual record of when someone has visited by indicating if it was a phone call or a personal visit, the date, the mood of their loved one, what the visitor did for them along with the visitor’s own personal note or message.

Not only does CareMonster report past visits, families can also use the calendar to let others know when they plan to visit and how the visit went. No more guessing, no more overlapped visits and hopefully, less gaps between visits. The guest book shows all visit reports at a glance and makes communication simple, allowing for more interaction, less worrying and stress for the entire family.

Download CareMonster today and spread the word! Once you register you have the option of inviting others to join.

Remember, Brethren Retirement Community does not just care for your loved one; we also care for you and your extended family and friends. We hope this tool helps your family communicate more effectively and often. Please let us know how you like this free app, it’s another way that Brethren Retirement Community goes the extra mile to take care of our residents and clients and their family and friends.

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